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Just completed first week - but serious pains in foot means delay to Week 2.Could this be the shoes?

Really annoyed that after my last run of week one yesterday I came back and had huge pains in my right foot build during the rest of the day. Now I can hardly walk on it.

I had some new trainers recommended to me and used them for the first time yesterday - I'm convinced the pain is due to them. Has anyone else experienced this? The pain is in my right foot and is based in the arch of it - just near the outside of the foot and sends shooting pains up my ankle.

Now I have to wait and delay week 2 - how infuriating. And I'll be running with different shoes!

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Have a look here and see if you think this is the problem:

You can speed up recovery with stretches. It is really best to be fitted for running shoes by someone who assesses your gait - everybody is different!


I would go and get some gait analysis also,might be you need some arch support or similar.


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