Just completed week 1, day 2 - tightness in lower front leg muscles?

Hi guys,

I'm 46 with about 4 stone to lose. I'm determined that this time, I'll crack C25K - last time I got to the second week but then I was stupid, ran through my rest days and ended up with very painful bursitis that made it difficult to stand up and sit down and took almost two weeks to go away completely.

W1D1 was fine, but I've just finished W1D2 and I was feeling significant tightness in my lower front leg muscles, from sort of halfway between the knee and the foot down to the foot. Not actually painful as such, but uncomfortable and demotivating to the point that I thought I might have to stop running and walk. I slowed right down to a really plodding jog and managed to get through it OK.

What exercises can I do on my rest days to target those muscles and warm them up? Right now, I know that it's going to be those muscles that will hold me back - I'm pretty sure I've got the stamina to keep pushing through otherwise.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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I have also just completed W1D2 and my plan is to go on decent length walks on my rest days and also swimming when I get the chance to head to the pool. I'm not sure if walking or swimming would help but I just thought it might help with ideas for you. Good luck with the rest of your running!

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Oldfloss has a link to NHS strengthening exercises for rest days. I'll Just give her a shout

OLDFLLLLLOSSSS, you are needed :)

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There you go... sorry it took me so long... Grammy duty today :)

Okay... well done you... no missing rest days this time..tut, tut! Sloe and steady does it... also, you may find the Strength and Flex exercises for rest days could help too :)


Really work in building up your strength and stamina...you need them. as you know for the longer runs:)

Welcome back!


You know that really plodding jog.... if you remember the idea is to find a pace you can keep up for 30 minutes continuously and get out and do regularly... that might be the one you're looking for!

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It may also be helpful to do some dynamic stretches before you set off for your runs, as well as the usual static ones after. I use the ones from runners world before my 5 minute warm up walk for every run.


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Thanks chaps!


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