Did Sport Relief and graduated from C25K all at the same time!

Well, this afternoon I ran my 3 miles for Sport Relief - except it wasn't quite 3 miles. The instructions were confusing and different marshalls kept telling us different things about how many circuits to do.......BUT I definitely ran for 36 minutes, however far it was, and earlier this week I ran 40 minutes and 43 minutes in training using the week 9 podcast, so I reckon that makes me a C25K graddie!! (and I've also raised over a hundred quid for Sport Relief).

I started running on January 2nd this year, real New Year's resolution stuff, and found this programme the same week. It has been brilliant. Like so many others on this forum, I cannot believe that this is me, aged 55 and overweight, getting cross because I didn't get chance to run a full 3 miles!!!

I hasten to add that I am still very slow (my 43 mins was for 5K) but that's something to work on. The main thing is that I CAN run for that long without stopping, which must mean my stamina has improved beyond anything I could have dreamed of.

I've definitely got the running bug, have signed up to run for WaterAid in the Bupa London 10k in May when I really plan to 'big up' on the sponsorship, plus the Ealing Half Marathon in September (it goes right past my front door, so I'm just being lazy. Ha ha). I'm going to try a parkrun in a few weeks and even thinking of getting some running tights (steady on!!).

This really is like a dream come true - and although I haven't lost any weight yet, I've firmed up and now see food more as fuel and enjoy working out what would be best to keep me running or help me recover, so I know that I'm not filling myself with junk any more.

The other thing I haven't said on here before is that I'm training for ordination (vicar school) and due to get my dogcollar in summer 2013, and that journey has been part of my motivation for getting fit; I just didn't think I'd be up to the demands of ordained ministry, or indeed be a very good role model, in my previous couch potato state. I'm also secretly harbouring a desire to start a C25K group in my new church, so watch out for lots of fit Christians out there on the roads!!

OK, I expect not that many people on C25K are planning to be vicars, so please apply the principle to your own chosen career path! But I really hope that anyone new to the programme will take heart from the progress I've made. I shall certainly stay on this forum as I've so valued everyone's encouragement and advice - hopefully I can do my bit and pass on the goodness too!



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19 Replies

  • Fantastic Juicydee. You must be feeling so proud of yourself. Well done you.

  • Well done. Graduating and Sports Relief all on the same day, fantastic achievement. Stories like yours are an inspiration to everyone on here.

    And good luck for your ordination.

  • Well done that's amazing!! And inspiring too :)

  • Well done, fantastic to complete the couch to 5k in such a worthy way! Hope you keep going.

  • Congratulations, I am very impressed by all the future goals you have lined up!

  • ah very very well done juicydee!!! you truly are an inspiration to us all,, and like you, i havent lost any weight either, but am toning up a bit, and i feel so much fitter.. :) well done!!!!!!!!!!

  • Well done juicydee for all your achievements so far and all those still to come.

    It would be great to start a C25K club in your new Church and if you are affiliated to any local schools that would be great too. :)

  • Excellent idea, blueboots, and how prophetic! Cos see my post a bit further down this page - I have been given the opportunity to practise....... :-)

  • Perfect start :) Get those staff members doing it too, they could easily fit C25K into their lunch hour around the school field :)

  • congratulations :) there's a moral in there for keeping going even if those around you can confuse the way sometimes :) - you can work that into many a sermon :) very best wishes for your goals

  • Wow Bxster - thanks for the sermon tip! Funnily enough I do usually 'keep' experiences for future sermons, but I hadn't thought of this one!!

  • And as a little postscript, this morning an email came round at the school where I work, saying that year 7 are going to run 2012 km between them in May and June for charity (4 or 5km at a time), and the teacher organising it is looking for staff to run with them - and I've volunteered!! Nothing like being shown up by youngsters to motivate a woman to keep going......

  • Wow! Fantastic achievement! Your post was certainly inspirational, so I have no doubt that your future sermons will be too! Well done you!

  • Ahhh - thank you! That is so encouraging, Shelwa!!

  • Well done, you! I started on Jan 3rd and likewise graduated last week. I'm going to keep on running. Not going to be a vicar though!!

  • Congrats OldNed!! (who is probably not really that old....). I hope you are enjoying your new-found passion...... and looking at the dates, you must have had some time out like me - again, an encouragement to newbies not to despair if circumstances conspire against you, and to know that you will not lose your fitness overnight!

  • You're too kind - I was 62 last Friday, on the day I graduated. But 62 is no age nowadays. I don't feel old, I'm very much enjoying it and I do feel inspired by running and, yes, passionate about it. I did have some time out (bad weather, heavy cold, blah-blah) and repeated a couple of weeks, but persistence (and Laura) sees you through!

  • juicydee, well done! i hoped to lose weight too and feel aggrieved (also doing slimming world plan) i dont think the leader believes me that i stick to the diet, my weight keeps going up! was so fed up but i am more toned and i feel i am losing inches, however, God possibly listens to you more than me, so please feel free to pray for some weight loss for me next weigh day!! i had also had the thought about using your experience for sermons- what an inspiration. well done again- you should be feel very proud. laughed out loud when you said the run went right past your door, is that the point you will join the others?? tee hee xx

  • Anna, thanks for these lovely comments. It would be a privilege to pray for you and for all the amazing people on this forum who are taking these positive steps for their own wellbeing as well as being so supportive to others. Having said that, I do believe that God listens to everyone, so do feel free to have a word with him yourself too!

    As for the half marathon going past my door - get thee behind me, Satan :-)

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