Week 4....It's a big jump!

I repeated Week 1 and Week 2 once just because jogging is SO new to me. I've never run a day in my life, and I'm 48. I'm working on the Paleo Secret to trim down because I'm sure the extra weight inhibits the running.

Week 3 was beautiful....but week 4 is a killer. Looks like I will be repeating Week 4 again.

What do y'all do on the "off days"--do you repeat a day? Do you powerwalk?


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  • C25k is very obviously training your body to cope with a level of exercise that it may not be used to. To get to the target 30mins runs, it obviously needs to be progressive and increase demands.

    There are two ways of approaching a new week. You can look at it and say there is no way I can do that, I need to repeat the last one again. The alternative is to face the challenge, have a go and see how far you get. You may surprise your self. There is nothing wrong in either approach, but I believe that C25k develops the runner's mentality that you will step outside your comfort zone and push the boundaries is best developed by accepting the challenge of a new week.

    You fail nothing by repeating a run that you can't complete and you abolish the fear factor that seems so prevalent on this forum. I sometimes wonder if we will reach a critical mass of fear amongst new runners and all dissolve into a helpless mass hysteria.

    Be brave. Take the challenge. How do you know until you try.

  • Fear. It's very real, isn't it! The fear of people seeing me run in my neighborhood thinking....why are you out there? The fear of not completing something when every day I tell my students they can accomplish anything! The fear of failing something new. I hear ya.

    But shouldn't I repeat a week when I don't reach the goal that is set? If I can't run a full 5 minutes in this week 4, shouldn't I keep doing week 4 until I can?

  • Yes repeat until you can do it. I think it's better to think of repeating a run if you didn't make it rather than a week (when you get to week 5 you will see why). But once you have managed 3 runs of the required length, move on without fear.

  • I think you're doing marvellously! You clearly don't succumb to fear, otherwise you'd be on your couch! I am only on week 2 and I am not letting myself look too far ahead. I have come accross some flapping about weeks 4 and 5 and feel those looming on the horizon! Like you, I am very new to the running world (or, if I'm honest, the moving my body world) so I understand your trepidation!!!

    It is advised that on rest days some activity other than running is chosen. Anything that doesnt use the same bones and muscles will do. I reckon low impact is the way to go. In the future I may take up something new like swimming or tennis, but for now hilly walks are good for me because they are low impact and require strength!

    I say repeat all you want to! It's a marathon, not a sprint!

  • I didn't look ahead, I knew the time increased but didn't want to know how long I'd be running until Jo told me.

    Embrace the plan, it really does work (I'm now an addict) and take it slow and steady.

    If you can't complete a run put it down as a practice and try again but don't fear any of them, it's a gradual increase and a great feeling when you nail it.

  • An addict. I can't imagine. :)

  • Lots of good advice here from IannodaTruffe ...If you follow the programme carefully and slowly and steadily...you should be okay.

    Try to focus on how far you have come... not how far to go.... positively approaching the new week , knowing, you are going to do it, however slowly it takes, has got to be more helpful than thinking you won't, before you even try.

    The running journey is yours, the programme will help you on that journey...:)

    The all important rest days... well... swimming, cycling, ordinary walking, not power walking, yoga, gardening, housework.. strength and flex... the list goes on :)


    Quite a few folk use this alongside C25K:)

    So... maybe head to Week 4, with a light, slow step, a smile on your face and knowing we are right there beside you...the folk who see you? Well, how envious they are... you are out there, doing it:)

    " Nothing to fear, except Fear itself "

    Go for it :)

  • I looked up the Strength/Flex site. That's a great idea!

  • Every week is harder. But the joy of achievement overtakes the fear and tiredness. I believe in practice makes better. Listen to your body. Go for it. If you can't match the podcast for the run, walk.

    Off days. If you are new to exercise l will recommend proper rest days. But if you have been exercising, you can cross trained. But make sure you have a full day rest.

    I never ran before. I'm 46 and recently completed the podcast. I am still running and enjoying it

  • Well I don't do any exercise on my rest days beyond maybe a bit of normal walking and some gardening. That's more due to lack of time and my husband accusing me of becoming "obsessed" with couch to 5k. If he thinks 30 minutes three times a week is an obsession I dread to think what he'd say if I threw in the odd yoga session in front of the TV. I think it would be beneficial to do some core strength or upper body work to complement the running. Maybe we should try something in the open plan office at work!! I'm in week 4 by the way.

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