Wk 6 Run3 YES!!

Just completed the run this morning after feeling a little nervous about the 25mins! Really chuffed I managed it and although I would'nt describe it as easy I did manage to push myself for the last minute. Would have liked to have noticed more changes to my body by now but I just keep teling myself if I continue then it will happen. I'm dreaming of toned legs, if not this summer then definately the next! Saying that I feel so good about my achievements so far and CAN'T BELIEVE I can run for this length of time. Is anyone else on the same podcast as me? Would love to hear from you.

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  • Hiya - Well done for getting to wk 6. Thats fantastic! Believe me you'll see the changes too your body soon. Keep up the good work :)

  • Thanks for that. Went to buy new running kit today but realised I'm not at the lycra stage just yet!! Determined to look good in shorts-I WILL KEEP GOING!

  • hiya chicken, yup - that makes you, me and Minuette at the same place, I start wk 7 tomorrow, Minuette will probably start hers Monday

    Very cool feeling to be told you are a runner isn't it :)

  • Totally delighted to be called a runner. I find myself looking at other runners when I'm driving and feeling abit jealous!!!! This is the girl who was 'allergic' to exercise! Thanks for the reply.

  • Good luck for tomorrow Bxster! :)

  • Yes hello I've just done week 6 too well done! Great feeling of achievement isn't it!

    Starting week 7 on Monday looking forward to the longer consistent runs now strangely enough. And I can't ever see myself in lycra shorts but then I also never thought I'd see myself running for 25 mins either!

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