Couch to 5K

Week 1 - run 2: all better now

Three days ago I struggled to make it through the very first ru. I skipped the last 3 of the session.

Today - after some debating with myself a la: "If you don't go now, you're not going at all today! And you know that!" - I got going at a few minutes to 11am.

And it was sooo much easier! Thanks to the advice after my first post I did the following things:

- I ate breakfast (actually probably 2 hours before the run)

- drank water before the run

- very conciously slowed down from the beginning

And guess what? IT WORKED! I made it through the runs easily this time and made it even further (3,8 km)! Yaaay!

I'm very happy and looking forward to run 3 again! And this time I'll not tell myself "I'll do it tomorrow..."!

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Great well done! Taking your time is very important especially in the earlier stages otherwise you will wear yourself out. Keep going, the programme will get you there. :)


Well done, now you can approach the next run in a happier frame of mind. :)


Fantastic and now you'll be motivated to carry on, well done :)


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