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W6R3 ✔ - I'm a runner now... Laura said... :-)

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Well that was a close one... made a bit of a school boy error and started my run on a new route that had a slight uphill gradient... after the first 10mins I was ready to stop but I decided to turn around and try and re-compose myself with a slightly downhill run. Pleased that I did and I was able to complete the run and hear Laura's imortal words... still think she was talking about someone else.

I still beat myself up about my slow pace and now looks like I need to be careful about my route... but hoping that both of these will be overcome as I complete the next 9 runs of the program.

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If Laura said so it must be true ! Well done, you're making great progress.

Makes you feel great doesn't it - well done. Enjoy building up your stamina and as you say, don't worry about your pace. Keeping it a bit slow means you finish the run and that is the main point :0)

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AAh yes -- the classic "beginner runners trap" -- starting a run on an uphill slope !! :) I also fell into that trap early on - but not any more :)

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well done and congrats Andy :D way to go !!! will be joining you tomorrow :D fingers crossed ...

A runner indeed! No one ever said that you have to make your run difficult!

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AndyDGraduate in reply to Rob_and_his_westie

Thanks.. I agree... I can make it tough enough running on the flat and level let alone adding in some gradients!

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