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First early morning in the cold fresh air - Done! w4r2

Until now I've been running at lunchtimes, when the air temperature has been a bit higher, however I realised this is cutting into my working day too much...

So I bit the bullet and got up earlier this morning and set off at 7:10 at 0 degrees C. Luckily the sun was out and that certainly helped with the motivation, really glad I've done it and I'm sure this is the way I'll keep going now.

Good running everyone!

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Well done! It's hard to motivate yourself to run in the cold - but once you're out there it's really refreshing!


Thanks for the support. I noticed you're doing WeightWatchers, so I'm not sure whether this is relevant, but me and my wife are using a brilliant free app on our phones call myfitnesspal it let's you easily track your calories and even has a built in barcode scanner. It's certainly helped us lose weight and is motivating us.


Well done on your run and for getting up early to do it! I always run first thing in the morning during the week, normally out by 6.40am and back by 7.30am - in time to shower and take my daughter to the station, or if I'm doing a parkrun, that starts at 9am on a Saturday. I don't have the opportunity to run during the day in the week (I'm a carer) and I would put it off if I left it until the evening, so morning is best for me. I also find I run better when it's colder - probably because I'm trying to run faster to get warmer quicker ;)

Keep it up and let us know how you get on with your early morning runs.


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