Early Mornings!!?!?!?

Lots of people go for an early morning run (yes...before work!!) especially when it's warmer and I was even woken this morning by a runner passing my window at 6.50am.

Admittedly, great idea but what is going on? Is it just me that has such trouble waking up? I can't barely even make conversation before my second mug of tea, and the prospect of running before I've even had a shower.... w%d|+rg&#s@!!!

I must be missing out on something good. I can imagine it must be lovely but I think I'm more likely to be running in the dark at night!

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  • Just started the c25k and I go out at 5am

    I have always been an early riser.

    It just sort of made sense to waddle up the road in the morning.

  • You're a natural lark! Lucky you :-)

  • Same here I_will, I keep on thinking I'll grow out of my teenage sleeping habits but it hasn't happened yet!

    I always run in the evening, or perhaps in the morning on the weekend but never before 8.30. I think we just have to accept our limitations, I never promised myself I'd run in the morning, it's completely unrealistic for me and would just end in guilt and despondency.

    Maybe I'll love running more than I love my bed one day, but I don't think it'll be any time soon :D

  • Glad it's not just me. 8.30am is my record I think too!

  • I'm not an early bird either. My runs are usually in the evening. Last week I started a run at 9.30pm, which I enjoyed but it took a while to wind down for bed. 7-8.30pm is my sweet spot. Whatever works!

    On weekends I'll sometimes run in the mornings, but not before 8.30am or before I've had breakfast and a good drink - just not going to happen!

  • I haven't tried a late run yet, but I fancy the idea of going at dusk, which is about 9.30 - 10pm atm.

  • I enjoyed my dusk runs. Cool and quiet, with not many people around. I found it more meditative.

  • Oh please relax, I_will, I know you are joking. It's hard enough to get the motivation to start C25K and keep the motivation going for 9 (or more) weeks, without making a radical change to your sleeping/waking cycle as well. We all know our own bodies, and we are all different. Some folks run first thing in the morning without having anything to eat, others need some fuel before they go out, and some folks run in the evening to get rid of all the stress from the day.

    It sounds like you are not an early morning person. Why try and change? Go running at a time of day to suit you. I'd love to get by on 4 hours sleep a night, run first thing in the morning, come home, put on the slow cooker, do some laundry, unload the dishwasher, style my hair (!) and update my children's stock portfolio before starting work. It isn't going to happen (they don't have any stocks, by the way). I have a mid-morning breakfast, run at lunchtime and am always late getting to bed. That's me. I'm happy with that.

  • Lol, nice response :-)

    I like being a night owl too...cheers (wish I had a Bailey's right now)

  • I too am an early riser. Would be quite happy to go out for my run now (3am), but I'll wait for my husband to wake up so he can pick us (dog and I). That way we get nicer runs deeper into the forest.

    Come 8pm, I'd be struggling to get off the couch, never mind run!!!!!

  • You just have to do what's right for you. I run best in the evenings, but at the moment I am running at stupid o'clock (5.45am) because I can't stand running in the heat/sun, plus my evenings appear to be filled with other things. The plus side of running so early is that it is lovely outside at that time. That said, as soon as the temperature drops, I'm back to running in the evening! Accept that you are a night owl!

  • I am a dedicated morning runner and like to be out before 5 am. I couldn't contemplate an evening run, especially in the summer months :O

  • I too am an early riser and often awake about 4.30am and think about doing a run. I do leave it until about 7.30 though as I feel a bit safer with more folks about.

  • Early, early, always early for me. Out before 6am before it gets too warm (although I did need Hi-Viz stuff earlier in the year. Even the thought of doing a Parkrun at 9 am is worrying me. Guess I'm definitely a lark *tweet tweet* :)

  • Yes, 9am recently has felt hot! Let's hope it's a cooler day for you :-)

  • I love my early morning runs, no one sees me !! which is just as well as I pop into my clothes and go, I even went once with out combing my hair or cleaning my teeth !! ( yes I knowwwwwwwwwwwww yuck ) The quicker I get out the door the better I like it. But each to its own, dont think I will be so keen in the dark Winter months somehow !

  • I'm with you GJ. Out quick before I change my mind, then home for a shower and breakfast. That morning cup of tea after a run is lovely! :)

  • I'm not a morning person, but yesterday I decided to get up and go before it got too hot! This time yesterday I had left the house and was doing wk3 run 1! Had coffee and water and a banana, got ready without the dog seeing and off I went.

    I really enjoyed it! Nice and cool in the shade! Had to keep telling myself to keep going for the last minute of the second 3 minute, but I did it! Chuffed to bits! I was the sciver when it came to PE at school, have always struggled with my weight, but wanted to be able to run.

    As for the music, I'm not so keen on Laura's backing music, but endure it because she gives tips while you're running which helps the time pass!

    Might try getting out early again tomorrow!

  • Getting out without the dog seeing?! I take my hat off to you for that alone!

  • *yawn* did somebody say something?

  • 6.15 & 6.10am for my last two runs. No-one about, cool, quiet & lovely. But everyone is different & you gotta do what is right for you. Although you may surprise yourself if you give it a go!

  • So early! Does sound nice though

  • You got out without the dog seeing! That's clever of you. I can imagine the mission-impossible type stealth to pull that off! LOL

    I'm running at 9.30 pm now and loving it.

  • That sounds more like it!

  • My dear friend, you are missing the best part of the day. The whole world seems scrubbed clean by the night; the air is fresh; the birds are singing; the coolness of the morning is all embracing....and so the lost goes on.

    Set the alarm early, eat a small banana and have a moderate amount to drink, and give it a go.

    You may well never look back!

  • What happens if I don't like bananas?!

    I suppose it might be worth a try.

  • The answer is simple; if you don't like bananas, don't eat them. Wholemeal bread with peanut butter works well too.

  • You old romantic Sal. I am a morning person but can't run in the morning. Not enough fuel on board.

  • I AM an old romantic sort of 'girl' at heart...!!!

    Morning running is wonderful ~ the whole day is scrubbed fresh; the air is cool and welcoming as it embarces you; the birds are singing; the river is babbling along, and I'm happy!!

  • Romance isn't just for the girlies but you are a big softie. (Waxing lyrical there & I remember the pup). I started running without head phones a couple of months ago & and I know what you mean about the birds.

  • Nope, romance isn't dead; just misplaced in modern society.

    Naked running is wonderful. This morning I had many [admittedly one-sided] conversations with the sheep! The cattle were still out on the hillside, and the ponies had yet to show themselves, but the sheep were in abundance.

    I merrily trotted past in my finery (I shant detail what), and puffed and panted my way up hills and walked back down to recover. They call it interval training, I believe, but I can think of many other names for it!!

    Izzie is no longer the sweet puppy she once was; she is now a sweet young dog. Full of enegry and keen to go on long moorland walks and to play in any water she can find. We don't run together....I think I have said enough on that subject!!

  • As I said big softie, you. You really enjoy that young dog don't you?

  • Hi there! I have just finished my week I run as a newbie aged 69 .morning runs at 6..30 am etc are great no one about no need for make up no need to have a shower till you get back ! Try it just get out of bed and go!

  • Just set the alarm for 6 fall out of bed no need for shower or make up and GO ! Never any one about except the birds and another jogger perhaps!

  • Aren't you still feeling half asleep though?

  • Early morning running is amazing; nice and quiet, (usually) minimal traffic, (usually) and just a great time to be out. I used to hate early mornings, for years. I always was a night owl, but when I started running I realised that early mornings are the only time I can guarantee I'll be definitely able to run, so I got used to it and I love them now. I'm usually out at about 0400 or there abouts.

  • 0400?! Is it even light?

  • Just about! :D I like running in the dark though so I'm fine if it's not light, but now, at that time of day, it is just getting light.

  • Oh, I very much want to try running in moonlight.

    It's funny, on a full moon, I get this urge to get up and run, and I get these dog like hairs growing out of my hands.......and a need to howl. Is there something wrong do you think?

  • I wish i could run early too with the rest of the good people in the world. Sadly my vices will not allow!! I need all day to re hydrate, replenish and prepare! I will always be a late runner resigned to it now but like mornings cooler and less people (and cyclists) around. Have fun with whatever time of day you decide is best for you :)

  • Thanks :-)

  • You can still sleep on the morning your don't get up for! Just get up for a run once this week and see how good it feels to be that person!

    It felt amaaaazing. I used to do it every Saturday before work. (But now a damaged ligament has me out of action). Just do it once and see. You don't have to pledge to do it for ever.

    Go go go!

  • Nice attitude! You actually make me think I might want to try it ...!

  • Not only do I prefer running in the early morning, I seem to be physically incapable of running in the evening! It just shows that we are all different and should listen to our bodies to do what suits us. If you are a natural owl, early morning running may not work for you at all. I love the quiet, the morning air and the fact that so few people are about. I also love going to work having done it, it really energises and sets me up for the day. I can't imagine running at 10pm - that is my bedtime! :)

  • Yeah, I just feel so asleep. Takes me ages to come round. Posts here make it actually sound tempting!

  • Morning runner here too. I wake up, brush my teeth and wash my face, put on my gear, small drink of water then go. To be honest it's the only way I can motivate myself to get out of the door. If I left it until the evening I'd find a thousand reasons not to go and to sit on the sofa instead. It's pretty peaceful out there in the mornings, quite meditative (as someone else has said). I get my run out of the way and feel energised for the rest of the day, all before I've had my breakfast.

    That said, I think you have to go with what works best for your body, and when you have the most energy. I imagine a run in the late evening is a good way to wind down and relax before bed. Whatever works for you!

  • I do like anticipating my run too. :-)

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