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Happy Mother's Day!

I had a mother's day 'breakfast in bed' of oats and blueberries made by my 9 year old daughter this morning. I then went out for a run. I felt so lucky to be running in the sunshine. Running is the most uplifting thing, and in my book there is no better way to spend Mother's day! To then come home to find my little girl with an armful of daffodils, picked from the garden and a lovely card was simply brilliant!

I then put my taxi hat on and picked up one teenager son from a party and the other teenager son is still in bed: not even sure that either know what day of the week it is!!!

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It was such a lovely morning here too (now black clouds) that I really wanted to get out there but as I ran yesterday had to tell myself no!!! Oh well hope it's dry tomorrow.

Enjoy the rest of mothers day....hope the boys pamper you once they are home / up!!!! :)


Yep! Just got some fruity soap from one;) Now off for a nice long bath to use them:)


Lovely :) well done! I had blueberries and oats too, great energy food :) bless your daughter!


Well done! I ran on mother's day too and it was beautiful this morning (raining now!).



Happy Mothers Day and well done!

I'm not running today but will be running tomorrow to try and run off the lovely cream tea lunch my girls took me to today :)


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