W2R1: Taking it outside

Finally, conquered my fears and smashed the gremlins and did my first public appearance as a runner. :) Went to quiet park not far away from where I live, used mainly for sports and stuff. I have picked soccer pitch far away from people and decided to run circles on the grass. Nice sunny weather after few drops of rain, just occasional dog walker passing by. I had my 7-year old son with me for a support (nice day in the park for those father-son moments). He followed me for first 2 rounds, but then probably got bored and played with the ball after that, while I continued running/walking. However, just before the last round I had to pause the session due to my son's toilet emergency. :) After that I continued with the last round, with slightly higher pace trying to make up for the lost time. I was sweating, puffing and what not, but one minute and 30 seconds later it was all over. Real sensational feeling of accomplishment and pride.

So things weren't quite as planned, but the bottom line is, I did it! Feels so good, no 'tears in the park', but really, really good.


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  • Great work! Running outdoors is so much nicer especially those early mornings :-)

  • Brilliant stuff! You definitely deserve to feel good!

  • Definitely worth facing our fear and taking it outside, no one is that interested and I have been running now for at least 6 months and planning my next running route is part of the fun, never had even one bad comment, people either don't notice me or are friendly and encouraging. Good for you

  • Excellent - and I bet nobody gave you a second glance.

    I started exactly like that on the local football field for the first three weeks but scuttled away one day when there were some other people there.

    Doesn't bother me at all nowadays and, on the plus side, you'll actually find it easier when you start running on paths and harder surfaces.

  • Thanks, very encouraging. I guess we all have to take baby steps.

  • Well done on going outside having always run outside I find it a different experience everyday after a while outside you will find other people really don't care what is going on around them. So keep moving onwards and upwards

  • Well done - it's great running outdoors and in the open :-)

  • When I started running I felt, like you, a little "conspicuous" but then I told myself that if anyone was looking at me it was in admiration at my jaw dropping prowess ;-)

  • There are so many people out running these days. All ages, shapes and sizes. It took me a while to get that this is a new norm and nobody but nobody was taking any notice of me. Well except for those who smile encouragement. Well done!

  • That's the good thing about running - it makes you realise just how unfounded some of our fears are. Well done for getting out there and kicking the old fear up the backside - before you know it you'll be running in garish coloured skintight lycra, whooping to yourself and punching the air when you finish the runs, whether or not there are other people around.

  • Congratulations! Really! My first free run will be tomorrow or Tursday and it will be the first time out of my garden since I was doing week 5!

  • Go for it McFitty. And we need some piccies of where you will be running.

  • I will stick my camera somewhere safe! 😁

  • Blimey McFitty , how big is your garden. If I ran round mine It would be in such small circles Id be dizzy.

  • It's not huge but a good 100ft by 40, so smallish circles, figures of eight and a few meanders off down the side of the house and back up again just for good measure. :-D until roday...

  • I wanna come and live where you do. Id love a biggish garden. Lots of grass and lots of pretty flower beds. And of course a water feature. And a swinging hammock thing. Oh and I would obviously need a gardener to come with it. .....

  • Well done for getting out there !

    I know it was a big " fear " for you , you have done brilliantly . You should be very proud of yourself. No stopping you now :-) xxx

  • Thank you all for the support. It really boosts my confidence level.

  • brilliant stuff! it's great to get out in the fresh air, and really - nobody is looking, except those thinking that they wish they could do it!

  • Well done!!! You are doing great, keep going! Feeling good is the best reward to stick with the programme, completing each run really gives you a feeling like no other! Well done for running outside. It took me until Week 7 and I was scared stiff but loved it and haven't been back on the treadmill since!

  • Now you've done that first run outside there's no going back. I am sure you will enjoy the programme more and you can keep your son entertained too. Maybe a kick around with the ball as an alternative warm up/ warm down?

  • Great idea. He loves new me. :)

  • Ah bless, no tears in the park but maybe pees in the park :-)

    Inspiring post! keep me updated with your progress!

    I don't cry all the time. Tears are reserved for my 'I can fly' moments. Today wasn't one of them :-(

  • "things weren't quite as planned, but the bottom line is, I did it! Feels so good, " If that isn't the programme in a nutshell I don't know what is :) Well done you! :)

  • Brilliant - I do it outside but under cover of darkness and lateness and hardly see a soul

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