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The Other Side of the Fence

Tonight I did W3R2 and I was taking it very slowly after having a stomach bug last week. I got to the bit where Laura says that a person on the other side of the fence should not be able to tell if you are walking or jogging and I really chuckled. I thought, "A person on THIS side of the fence wouldn't be able to tell if I was walking or jogging." I put in more effort and completed the run without stopping. Really proud of myself.

Thanks for your blogs everyone they really push me on.

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lol :)


Haha yo made me chuckle. Keep on going, at your own pace but also following Laura's guidelines. :)


I was a bit gutted when Laura told me about the bobbing head, at the time I was quite enjoying the view over the fence every time I bobbed up and down. Ruined the rest of the week for me - the field was full of cows!


That is so funny! Good advice though, hope you are over your bug.


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