So money supermarket!

Well that's w4r1 done! So much for zen, when I read what was in store for this week I wanted to run upstairs and hide under the bed! Get a grip woman! Can't say it was easy, the prospect of only 90 seconds between three minutes running and five was ghastly, but, slow as I was I jolly did it and I feel jolly epic, so money supermarket in fact, it should be an overweight old bag (me) pole dancing in the ad instead of an overweight builder!

I had to smile (grimace?) during w3 runs. When the Lovely Laura said that someone on the other side of a hedge should not be able to tell if you are running or walking I thought that it would never occur to anyone on the other side of a hedge that I was running, bouncing or not! Can't tell if I bounce or not ( no hedges) but I am trying to cultivate an assassin's run as described elsewhere 😏


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  • From one old trout to another WELL DONE! You are so fab I can't tell you dahling! Don't read up about future weeks. Ignorance really is bliss! Trust Laura! She will see you round. All you have to do is turn up. Go slow and you'll be absolutely fine.

    No good hiding anywhere cos we'll winkle you out!

    Laura is funny (sometimes in a hysterical kinda way) and you find yourself swearing and laughing along the way, which is as it should be.

    Good luck OT! We're right with you

  • Well done my dear - doing great!

  • A lovely post OT, made me chuckle. Sounds like you're doing really well. I say it doesn't matter if we bounce or not as long as we enjoy! x :-)

  • Wow! I didn't realise c25k was a ninja-training program too!

    Well done getting started on Week 4 - that's quite a step up in only 3 weeks or so. Don't be scared by what's to come. By the time you get there, you'll be ready for it.

    Great running! Keep it up!


  • Thanks got that Ugi, really appreciate it!

    Next run due today but it's awful weather!! Determined not to wimp out tho....I'll post from the oxygen tent in hospital when I've done it!!

  • That bouncing behind the hedges thing had me befuddled, too. It got be wondering if I should learn to glide like that weird character in the Moomins.

    Well done for kicking that run's butt. Now I'm off to check out the advert you talk about - oh, the joys of being an expat...

  • Found. LOVE IT! French advertising is so booooring :(

  • It's great isn't it??

  • Brilliant you are just brilliant. I know what you mean about the hedge :0. Week 3 having to be done again as I have been lazy this week - so tomorrow - off I go again.

  • Well done and keep going! You may not have to do the whole of w3 again, but when you do you will quickly get back up to where you were.

    Go for it!

  • Ha ha , brilliant post OT , I love your sense of humour !

    The hedge thing made me laugh, I did the programme in Spring , and there used to be lots of people in their gardens , and as I ran along their hedges I always wanted to shout out " Can you tell if Im running or walking ? Just guess !! "

    Good Luck believe in yourself and the programme . You can do it !

    Youre doing great so far , keep going ! :-) xxx

  • I'll bet they will be in no doubt that you're running now!! Well done!

  • Well done! I tried c25k a couple of years ago and foolishly listened ahead to week 4 before trying it and at that point I chickened out as it just sounded too hard. I started again this September, downloading 1 podcast at a time and not switching on till I'm outside in my running gear. It has worked and shortly I'll be heading out to do w9r3 which I never thought I could achieve. We can do this! Again, well done and keep going :-)

  • Oh well done!! I'm determined to be a graduate by Christmas! No one minds if Christmas is postponed to easter this year...?

    You must be so proud so very very well done! A graduate soon! Brilliant

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