Couch to 5K

Wk3r3 done! 33.33% of the way there! Hurrayyy!

I've done it. Reversed my route today and ran up the great big hill at the start instead of down it at the end. I nearly gave up when I got to the top as I felt awful, but pushed through and did it all! So glad I did and am now quietly congratulating myself on a job well done! Looking forward to a day off tomorrow and starting week 4 next week

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Go for it! Before you know it you'll be 50% of the way there!


thanks Beckipeg, I'm looking forward to 50%. Motivated by the fact that my 12 year old daughter is currently running rings round me and I can't wait to be able to go running with her properly without having to stop and walk so frequently :-) Think this forum is a brilliant and important part of the process too.


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