Couch to 5K

Week 7 run 1!

My first outdoor run this morning and I didn't quite manage 25 minutes. Funny thing is I don't feel that bad about it. Last time I didn't complete a run because I pulled a muscle I was so annoyed with myself but now I realise I tried and next time I'll get there. Might have to go back to my old c25k app though, the music on this one is awful and I nearly swore at Laura's chirpiness today!

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I think we have all swore at Laura at some point, I hope she doesn't take it personally! You're right not to be hard on yourself, the important thing is that you tried and 20mins is still a great run, just keep at it.

Plus just keep in mind only 2 more weeks until we can listen to better music! :D


Agree about the music - I really liked the first few weeks but these later ones are a bit naff in places! I'm going to grit my teeth and get through it, then create my own playlists for post-5k.


I have to agree about the music...week 9 is awful!!! 2 more to go until I can listen to my own!!!

You are so right to be beat yourself up about not achieving today's 25 mins (a lesson I had to learn)'s only one bad run but bet you ran for longer than you have before!!! Move on r2 next!! :)


I gave up on the music (and Laura!) around week 7 and now use my own, including a couple of tunes from "Rocky" that really do the job! I'm so sad!!


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