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I can run (well shuffle) 25 mins!!

So, I've just done my 2nd 25min run. The first time I thought was just luck, but nope, I can do it I can run 25 mins!! I don't think I've ever ran that long, not even when I was a child! C25K!! Well done guys were bloody running!!

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Huge Well Done!!

All you need to do now is consolidate these long runs by adding a few minutes each week.

I really enjoyed this part of the programme, the continuous running really suited me and dare I say it, felt like got easier.

Good luck with the rest of the programme, and looking forward to your graduation.


OMG that's amazing! I've just done 5 minutes and nearly died so I can't imagine doing 25 minutes. Well done :)


No not luck, just dedication to get out and run three times a week for nearly two months now.

Not luck but good old fashioned hard graft. You got there because you earned it. And anyone else doing the same on an earlier week thinking this isn't possible - it is.


Yay!!! Well done. I bet that feels amazing


Well done! On your run and because you have inspired me to continue 😊 I can't wait to get run 2 of week 6 out of the way tomorrow. Looking forward to those uninterrupted runs as I find the first 5 minutes an absolute killer!

You are a runner!!


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