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Can any graduates recommend a good half marathon training app or podcasts?

I can't really believe I'm asking this but I completed C25K back in May, did a B210K and ran a 10k a couple of weeks ago and have now signed up for a half marathon in Amsterdam at the end of October! I lose motivation without a goal in sight which is why I keep aiming a little higher but I also need clear instructions of what to run every session as I have no will power and am likely to cut sessions short if I'm not told otherwise!

Has anyone from this programme moved onto the half marathon distance and if so, what did you use to help you do it? I prefer podcasts to apps but I've searched for them and although there is a series of half marathon training podcasts for ten weeks (which look great because they combine long runs with intervals) all the reviews say they didn't download properly and I don't want to waste money on them if this is the case.

Thanks everyone x

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I'm exactly the same - useless without a goal and specific instructions. I'm using adidas micoach which I find really flexible. Whatever distance you're aiming for, you put in the race date and distance and current level of fitness and it works out a plan for you - and each day is different so keeps it interesting. It does all sorts of other clever things like tracking your achievements and routes and includes other exercises besides running - I'm following their strength and flexibility exercises on my 'rest' days, which really help with any flexibility issues. Provided you have a smart-phone, it's entirely free and you can use your own playlists. Definitely recommend it!. good luck with the HM - I did the Leeds 10K a couple of weeks ago and am aiming for the Great North Run in September. Like you I can't quite believe I'm having this conversation! :o)


Oh wow, this looks like it might be JUST what I was looking for, thanks so much! I had been looking for one where you could input your own race date rather than having to find one that matches your date exactly (all the ones I've found for 1/2 marathon are a few weeks out from the date I want them to finish, either a couple of weeks too long or too short). I'm downloading it right now :-)

How did you find the Leeds 10K? Mine was the Race for Life in Hyde Park but it was so hard in the heat that it almost put me off carrying on to a 1/2 marathon distance. Not quite though! Good luck with the GNR too, it's meant to be such a great race! x


Leeds 10k was also very hot! Reasonably flat though which is unusual in Yorkshire - I don't do hills very well! Such a sense of achievement when you've done it though makes it all worthwhile! Let me know what you think of micoach.


I downloaded micoach and it's just what I wanted! What I love about it is that it designs your training with your race date in mind but if you go online you're able to change the runs to what days suit your plans, so can push a long run back a day if you know you can't fit it in then! The app I had previously downloaded, 21K, was really inflexible in that way (and it wasn't free either, wish I'd asked this question before downloading it). I've just redesigned my whole programme up til the run date on October 20th and am excited to get started. Thanks so much for the recommendation


I use the Runkeeper half marathon programme - four runs per week and despite my worst fears, I have kept up with the training through the heat etc. Will see how I fare running in the torrential downpour that has been hitting my village for the last six hours! Enjoy your training and let us know how your HM went. Mine is mid October in Aviemore, Scotland


The heat has been a nightmare for training hasn't it? Thanks, I'll definitely let everyone know how I got on, good luck for yours too, I bet that will be a lovely run, very scenic!


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