I think one of the things that has suprised me most about the programme - and I don't think I am alone at all - is that I look forward to going out. I look forward to the challenge. I look forward to (some of) the music, I look forward to Laura's dulcet tones telling me how well I have done and I look forward to that feeling after you've been for a run!

I also want to thank everyone for their posts on here - because it makes me realise that I am not alone in this and that sometimes it isn't so easy, and that sometimes things ache and that I am not that slow and lots of other people are in the same boat! So thanks folks!!

Yesterday it poured with rain in the morning - so any idea of an early morning run went out of the window as I was tired and the rain didn't enthuse me at all. I told myself I would go out after work - and I actually did! It had been a lovely afternoon - but as time came for my Dusk run - the sun vanished and the wind picked up. I had a route all planned out pre-measured to stretch me a bit) - and so I just kept going! I went the furthest I have been and I went the fastest and then at the end (I am week 6 run 3) Laura pronounced me "a runner" yay! Feeling pleased and encouraged and not too broken.


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  • Brilliant to hear, well done :D Good on you for committing to the programme and getting this far. I can't wait til Laura tells me I'm a proper runner haha.

    I agree It's really encouraging having everyone here to support you and to share experiences with. Good luck on the rest of the programme, keep up the blogs.

  • I totally agree - looking forward to running is such a big step! And it's great to be doing it as aprt of a community!

  • Why fear running in the rain? You are going to hot and sweaty and wet, so you still end up looking like a drowned rat ;) - remember there's no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing.

    Get out in the rain and enjoy it, at least you'll know there will be none about!

  • Oh absolutely - I've had some nice runs in the rain - a mere practical note - I own one sports bra and one pair of trainers (yes I know I need to invest in new of both) but for now - if I get soaked it would've meant tennis that evening was less comfortable... oh for some time to shop!

  • Lol, not sure how my wife would feel about me duiscussing another ladies underware :o. I have a day between runs so my trainers need to dry out before tomorrow morning. At the moment they are caked in mud and look pretty manky.

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