What to do?

It's been three weeks since I finished the 5x100 and to be honest that seems like a lifetime ago! How are you all?

I've continued with a lovely mixture of activites: swimming/tennis/swissball/gym and of course running :) I have had the odd 'rest day' but not too many! If I do have a rest day I really get the 'I should have done something' guilty feeling! I did the Race for Life on my birthday and thoroughly enjoyed that and raised £350 too :D

Now, although I'm happy carrying on with these activities I really fancy having a go at a half marathon and there's an interesting one in Firle, which is very hilly but has amazing views apparently. I'm considering training for this over the next 12 weeks but haven't fully committed yet. I'm mulling it over (love the word 'mulling') On another note I am also considering quitting alcohol over this time period, as drinking any amount these days seems to give me a groggy /tired/lethargic feeling the next day and this isn't good for training!

Or I might forget all about challenges for the Summer.

What to do?


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25 Replies

  • Wow sounds like you have such an active life!

    I'm training for a personal best over 10km next month & have given up alcohol for a month - so far so good. Had my resolve tested last night when my other half poured himself a glass of cold white wine but stuck to my guns. I too find that even 1 glass has me feeling groggy the next day.

    Good luck with your half marathon should you chose to do it or whatever challenge is next if not!

    Keep at it!

  • It's hard to give it up initially so you're doing really well! I didn't have any for 75 days at the start of the year, but now find that if I partake I struggle big-time. Thanks for your encouragement :)

  • No doubt TJ - go for the half Marathon. With your recent past, you could do it tomorrow. It's just the hills you need to sort out.

    (An update on my recent activity. The running you know about. But during 5x50 I started parking a mile from work and walking in. I'm now doing two miles each way, plus an extra 4 mile lunchtime walk when it's dry. I guess that'll stop once I leave my job to work from home ...)

  • Do you think? well that's encouraging :)

    That's a lot of walking! I haven't done any walking since 5x100. It is easier if it fits in with your day to day life, so enjoy whilst it lasts!

  • I'm thinking about a half marathon too, but not until next year. I want to get the Great Yorkshire Run under my belt first. Off to France tomorrow for some running near Bordeaux, and the weather has turned very wet (no small consideration when camping!)

  • Enjoy your running in France. It'll still be warm I guess, even though it's wet. I bet you'll love the Great Yorkshire Run!

  • I hope you've brought your wet weather gear, I live near Bordeaux and it's been unbelievably wet. It's good from next Tuesday - hope you're still in France to see it.

  • Hello people! Oh, I do miss 5x50 - I really haven't got into Juneathon in quite the same way (warm weather doesn't work for me so well, poor excuse). Have you seen the Runbritain website? I just read the parkrun weekly email which mentioned it, so I went to have a look. You can register and get yourself an official runners handicap. It is a number between 0 and 36 (or a negative number is you are super-elite - ok, maybe not!).

    So I though, oh, what the hell, why not. And my handicap, based on parkruns (though it doesn't include my best one for some reason) is...

    35.9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well it made me laugh! (It didn't give me a ranking - can't imagine why not!) It will draw you a nice little graph of your handicap progress, should you manage to improve it. And all sorts of other fandangles if you want them. You can keep a weekly mileage training record on there, if you haven't found somewhere else first. A nice simple, miles per week one.

    Funnily enough, it did make me want to go out and run, though admittedly I haven't actuall done it yet. But I have a Race for Life in a fortnight, so need to get my backside into gear. :)

  • reply to you left as comment by mistake....

  • That's brilliant - it made me giggle, thank you :)

  • So I thought... (not though)

  • Good to hear from you Greenlegs!

    Thanks for the tip about the runbritain website. I hadn't seen it before. I do like a good graph!

    Good luck with your own Race for Life and with the rest of Juneathon :)

  • I think you should go for it, you are clearly saying you are ready, and a challenge is just what you need. I am v impressed about the alcohol...not sure I could do that yet, but its certainly got me thinking :)

  • I don't know if I'm more scared about the no alcohol or the half marathon!! I'm not sure why, as I did go without for 75 days earlier in the year, and actually quite enjoyed sobriety towards the end, but it's surprisingly tough at the beginning.

  • Hey Theresa I think you should go for it! You are one determined lady so you will rock it! :) As for the alcohol......I raise my glass to you and say good luck! ;)

    I need a new challenge but will wait until after my hols in a couple of weeks for that; don't think it will be a HM yet though! :O

    Sue x

  • Well Sue, if you think I should go for it....maybe now is the right time. Enjoy your hols :)

  • Yes, you can do this! You must be so fit after your 100 days - go for it ! We'll support you, you know that :)

  • Thanks! :D Feeling fit, just slightly doubting the distance, not sure why!!

  • Of course you can do it TJ, the half marathon that is, I have so much faith in you , but you already know that.. As for abstinence from alcohol mmmmm I would have to give that some serious thought. OK right I've thought; Do what you feel is best for you. Just don't ask me to join in with that one TJ ;) Your a good athlete and listen to your body so you will do the right thing. Good luck for the 1/2M :)

  • Your support is always gratefully received and much needed :) The alcohol thing is a difficult one isn't it; I think the odd glass won't harm me, perhaps abstinence altogether would be rather harsh on myself.

  • Have a look at runkeeper, there is a good HM training programme on there. As for the alcohol?????? I stopped weekday drinking and just indulge at the weekend (bit too much sometimes)

    As for the decision - go for it, you know you want to :-D

  • Oh thank you. I was looking for a suitable programme and couldn't find the right one for me, so I'll take a look at runkeeper.

    Weekday abstinence sounds like a good plan; as long as I don't drink all the units in one go at the weekend!!

  • TJ, I am absolutely convinced that you're more than ready for the HM (mulling over means you want to do it really) and you'll love it, a nice long distance easy pace run....can you feel it beckoning....go on, get your trainers.

    Enjoy :-)

  • Do you know Phil, I think you're right because I love the long distance easy pace so much more than the fast 5 or 10k.

    Yep, decision made. Thank you :D

  • Of course you are ready Theresa! Go for it! You are one of our heroines ....Go, go, go and good luck delua xox

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