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Unbelievable - never thought I'd be able to do it

I'm 63 and have never run in my life and was beginning to feel sorry for myself - aches and pains, stiff joints and no stamina.I am an ex- heavy smoker but gave up 7 years ago. My daughter inspired me by completing "Couch to 5k" herself. I am now on week 7 running for 25 mins non-stop. My recovery time is pretty good too.

I can't believe it - I feel great and though it's no walk in the park it is certainly achievable by almost anyone.

Daughter and I are planning to run my first 30 minutes run together.

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Very well done Peter48 on giving up the smoking and on getting to week 7 - it's a tough thing to do at any age and I think you're the oldest poster that I've seen on the programme. There are a few of us at around the 50+ mark (I'm 51) and there's no getting away from it, it's a life changing experience when you suddenly realise you CAN run!!

You must be very proud of yourself, and no wonder. You'll have a great time running out with your daughter for your 30 mins and she will be very proud of you!!



Well done you, you must be very proud. People like you are an inspiration to us all. !


Well done Peter :)

I'm 49 and am new to all this running lark too, I'm on week 4, but I've never ever run before, apart from for the bus and that was a good few years ago too! I wish I'd done this years ago.

Good luck for the rest of the programme :)


Great Peter, well done!


That's fantastic Peter48, Well done. You'll be a new man. :)


Lovely to read - I'm dragging my 72 year old mum round with me. She has a bm of 27 and mine is 35, so I think I'm finding it as hard as her. I will tell her about your post :)


Thanks for your comment and good luck - I'm positive you can do it especially with your young mum in tow.


Well Done Peter, I am in my 50s. This time last year I was a 17stone 9lb fifty year old. This year I am a 12stone 51 year old fitness addict! lol the couch 25k has definitely helped, I am on week 7 run 1 and just ran for 25 mins none stop. feeling well chuffed with myself. Keep it upx


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