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w7r3 done but more technical issues!

I wasn't keen this morning. Lying in bed and listening to the wind outside wasn't making me want to jump out of bed and get out there. Finally talked myself in to it and got out there....more layers today as felt chilly!

Laura was with me for the first 15 minutes and then cut out AGAIN. Beginning to think I've offended her!!! Not sure what is going but it is really starting to annoy me...3rd time its happened (have redownloaded but not being technical not sure wha'ts going on!). Couldn't bear the thought of nothing so turned on some music and gauged time with number of tracks and the Endomondo app....although on the last check of the app to see what time i'd done I must have pressed stop so screwed that up too! Think I did approx 25 mins (was just under or over) but am going to count it as completed. Have to say compared to the last 2 runs today was very hard.

Looking forward to w8.

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Laura cutting out happened to me too. Download the podcast again and it should work. It's hard to keep going without her encouragement.


Thanks Peter. thought I'd already done that but with the help of a 13 year old have now deleted all old podcasts and downloaded w8 & 9. Will see how it goes on tuesday and if have problems again will just use my own music...have already got a playlist that will cover w8


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