week 2 run 3 2/03/12 yay

this week has gone so quick and as the weather been so lovely i have really enjoyed running outside, did the same route but backwards today and it was great well until i was walking home and came across some of my daughters 16 yr old friends , least i wasnt too sweaty lol. so thats week 2 over. am excited to start week 3, i was going to have a complete rest day on sunday but i might be tempeted to do it early . we will see... keep up the good work everyone keep on running!!!!!


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  • The first time I read this, I thought you meant you were running backwards - what week is that?! I have been 'told' not to set off for morning runs until all my daughter's friends are inside the school gate (she's another teen....). It's not just that I'm running, it's my silly hat!

  • ooh I need a silly hat, I can put it on just as I run past the school!!!! ;)

  • lol its bad enough trying to keep your head down when the cars go past lol a silly hat might be an idea to be in disguise though. i made the mistake of going just after school when they were all heading down to the local tescos for their sugar fix. i work 8 till 3 so 4 ockock is convenient for a run before cooking tea. might have to change my route lol . its week 2 i was doing sarah cant wait to start week 3 what are you on???

  • I've just completed Wk 6 (25 min run), I'm pretty chuffed considering that when I started on 13 Jan I could only jog for 2.5 mins of the 8 mins! I found the first three weeks or so the hardest physically, I get a real buzz now and it's more of a mental challenge when you hear that you have to run for longer.

    I run in a fleece and stripey hat, gloves, thick tights plus jogging bottoms to keep warm. I'm going to have to get some proper running gear soon though, it's not as cold now and everything is getting too big for my new figure!

  • thats a great achievement well done to you. the next thing i want to get is an ipod strap that fits on your arm i am paranoid some thug will come and snatch it out my hand while i'm running looked at 1 today at nike but i dont think my ipod touch will fit in it , its not wide enough so if anyone knows of anywhere cheap to get them which an ipod touch will fit into would be gratefull. this week has been lovely for it i been out in 3/4 length trousers, trainers, high impact vest top with a t shirt on top. i still have just over a stone to lose so hoping this will help shift it and tone everything up.

  • Well done Maddykins! Glad you're enjoying it, the weather is a bonus isn't it? I am on week 8 , well I did two runs of it and it was a shocker so gave myself a rest on Friday when I'd normally do run 3! Dreading week 9 :( I will not give up though! Keep it up and keep posting :) x

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