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Week One completed !

I did my third run on the treadmill at the gym this morning. It felt harder than my two previous efforts - I'd expected that because I was still aching from my previous run, followed by yoga on Wednesday and an exercise class last night. I've got a bit of a cold so I was chewing Airways gum so I could keep breathing - I don't usually like chewing gum but this stuff does the job it's meant to do very effectively :-)

I was surprised and pleased to find that I had actually covered more distance. My first run on Sunday was 2.8km, 2nd run on Tuesday was 3.25km and today's attempt was 3.6km. I'm quite enjoying the early morning runs on work days - the gym opens at 7.00 so I'm there as soon as possible after the doors open. I'd sort of expected to feel worn out by the afternoon but I actually seem to feel better for having exercised in the morning. I'm still looking forward to lying in at the weekend though.....

Week 2 starts on Sunday morning - I'm looking forward it !

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I started Week 2 today - it was great. I run outside though with my husband


Well done you.... I am about to start week 2 this week. Good luck.


Well done - you are doing really well by the sound of it!

Good luck with week 2



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