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pain behind the knee when running

am a treadmill runner who has started running outdoors with my girls while they do c25k. noticed some shin pain & went for gait analysis. got new cushioned support trainers & ran in them today. no shin pain at all but did feel cramp like pain behind the knee of the leg with sore shins. anyone else get this or do you think that it will go away once Im used to my new trainers? felt like "growing pains" & came on about 40mins into an hour run. on treadmill today not outside.

thanks for any advice. shelley

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Hi Shelly,

Just double checking the pain is at the back of your leg/knee rather than behind your actual knee cap?

It might be that the muscles coming down from your hamstring to the back of your knee are getting an extra stretch thanks to the cushioning that they wouldn't have had before? Maybe look up some extra hamstring stretches to help break you into your new trainers.

If the pain in behind your knee cap get though, that would be a lot more concerning!


hi. yes pain is at the back of my leg, behind where my knee is ~ just like growing pains.

thank you


I didn't get the knee pain you've got, but I went for a gait analysis at the weekend and got a new pair of trainers. One day after my Monday week 3 run I got bad leg ache as if I'd been exercising for the first time, although I've been running for 5 weeks altogether.

I put this down to the new trainers and using the muscles in a different way, the ache has now gone and my legs are fine.

So maybe it's just you getting used to the new trainers and all should be ok in a few days.


it makes sense what you said about using new muscles due to the cushioning. hadnt thought of that. thankyou


sounds like shin splints......check out google "shin splints" hope this helps


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