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HELP... Mild shin pain

Hi. I should be doing W4R2 today but don't know if I should take a break which I am loathed to do. I am running on my treadmill. My left shin hurts down at the bottom on the front. Its not all the time and is only mild

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To be honest, I had shin pain on and off from mild to agonising right up until around week 6. Running too fast was the culprit, along with the normal protestations of muscles that hadn't been used in years being asked to 'get off the couch'!

Discomfort is normal during the first few weeks as your muscles adjust to your new regime but if it is 'pain' rather than discomfort, then get it checked out.

Shoes can also be a factor, particularly as you say it is only on one side. It's definitely worth getting a gait analysis done.

You're doing fantastically so far and remember, sometimes just popping an extra rest day in can help too. Oh, and stretches after you run too😊

Hope it eases and look forward to hearing how it goes. 😊


Where would you get a gait analysis done please...xx


Most running shops will do a free gait analysis, which involves running or walking on a treadmill for 10 or twenty seconds whilst they video the way your feet land. It's very simple and will show any weakness or abnormality in your gait. Some shops charge a nominal fee which they will then deduct from the cost of a pair of running shoes.

When I had my gait analysis done, it showed that I needed support as I over pronated and it also showed up a problem in my right hip. Since running in my new shoes, I have had zero problems with knee and calf pain, which were causing me problems.

The best thing to do is Google gait analysis with your post code and it should give you a list of places close to you ☺


Hi. thanks for the advice. I am basically jus tignoring it. I am leaving it 2 days between each run if I can with work commitments. I am upto W5 and have done R1. next up R2........


Sweatshop or Runners need, I think Decathlon do gait analysis as well..


I get that because my feet tilt in slightly, need insoles that put them straight, i used to have some but not sure what happened to them so have ordered more, might be worth looking into.

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