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knee pain

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1st run of week 9 was Friday. Completed it!! Unfortunately at the end my right knee was painful and struggle to walk Saturday. Better today but still uncomfortable it had been niggling but nothing like this. So I’m going to take time off but I am so worried to not get back to running after this! How do I stay motivated? Will I have to start from scratch? I am so cross with myself!

7 Replies
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That's unfortunate timing , but it is not uncommon with new runners .The important thing is do not run in pain!

Take a few days off and see if it improves.

When out of pain I would suggest the knee strengthening exercises referred to in the program guide.

If no improvement then perhaps a appointment with a sports physio.

You will not loose much fitness in the first couple of weeks and then I will be gradual.

Take care

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Sorry to hear this. Could you have pushed a little harder in the excitement of nearly being finished? I’ve had niggles like this happen a few times for no particular reason and luckily it’s always resolved with a few days rest. I’ve found it’s now a much rarer occurrence with more focus on stability, strength and flex exercises as suggested by Instructor57 . There’s also a great strength and flex sister forum for more resources and supper.

If it’s hasn’t improved with self care and rest, it’s definitely worth getting some advice from someone with training.

Hope it settles quickly for you. You might want to plan a shorter test run to see how if feels before jumping back in at 30 minutes. See how it goes. There’s no need to rush back before the pain has resolved-that might put you out for longer.

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I agree with the previous posts, good strengthening will help, also dynamic stretches before & static stretches after. I had knee pain on C25K too, but it was my body complaining a bit due to unaccustomed exercise. It did resolve, so don't give up, and don't panic!Ease back in - you could try running short intervals- 10 seconds running/30 seconds walking to cover 5k. (Or 20/30, 30/30.) Also, shorten your stride length (think "baby steps"). It's especially useful returning to running after injury/rest.

Good luck!

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I'm no expert but I was surprised with a few days rest or a week off how well my body repaired itself. There were a couple of occasions I was struggling to walk without limping but low and behold after resting I picked up where I left off 😊👍

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As a knee pain sufferer, more so in the early days, I'll echo what has been said about resting until you feel better. Ice packs can help and maybe a compression bandage. Make sure you elevate the leg too. If it bothers you, particularly at night, it may be worth taking painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen (unless your GP has told you not to).

As a motivator maybe promise yourself a gait analysis and new shoes once you feel better?The wrong or worn out shoes can cause injuries. When we start C25K it's sensible to use whatever is in the wardrobe to run but at your stage correctly fitting shoes can make a world of difference. Spending a little bit more on proper kit is a way of committing yourself to run regularly, gotta get your moneysworth!!

Good luck and hope you feel better soon :)

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So sorry! I am also frustrated, having completed Week 8 Run 2 last week and now have a sore arch/instep. So I decided to take 7-10 days off and religiously do the stretching exercises that I learned in physical therapy for plantar fasciitis several years ago. Like you I am bummed, and worried about getting back into it but am encouraged by the replies to your posts. (I am trying to reframe my time off as just as much part of this running experience as anything else…). Hope you rest and recover well!!!

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Knee strengthening exercises really work! I have knee arthritis and when I did cto5k back in late 2019 I had to have a week off twice during the programme when my knees hurt. It didn't impact my progress, it just took me longer than the 9 weeks to complete!Hopefully yours is just your knees complaining. A few days off and simple knee strengthening will hopefully see it off! Obviously if it is very painful then professional advice is best though.

Good luck

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