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Final run... and what a feeling

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When I started C25k towards the end of October 22 for the 3rd time my target was to graduate before Christmas (I did finish my first attempt back in 2016 before a short illness stopped my onward running journey). It was all going so well and I'd finished my third w8 run on 10 Dec with one week to go but then the next day the snow came... and it stayed a week... then I caught a cold... and then it was Christmas! All I could think about was how I couldn't get out and finish and it would end like my last failed attempt when an unrelated fall and stitches in my shin halted my efforts at 7 weeks.

I was due to spend 10 days over New Year in my favourite place (Cádiz, Andalucia) where the light is so amazing and I've enjoyed many early morning long walks (and short runs) along such a stunning coastline. It really is my 'happy place' and has lifted me up several times over the last few years so what better place to finish what I am determined will be my last C25K journey... and the start of me as a new 5k runner.

So the first week of Jan 23 I started my final week... it felt hard after a 3 week break but I loved feeling 'just a little bit local' as I steadily ran around the old City passing the many local dog walkers and runners. I felt great after run 2 as well and couldn't wait to finish my efforts on the day before we flew home... and I did. Trouble was I had had a few too many to drink the night before and almost didn't get up but I really wanted to finish surrounded by such stunning scenery... what could be better... and that spurred me on. I won't lie it was probably the hardest run I've done but the magic of the place just kept me going (and of course Reece's gentle encouragement to think about my post-run treat which I'd already decided was going to be churros y chocolate).

Since I've been back home I've only managed a few runs due to the cold and frosty mornings (I only have time to run early mornings) but as long as I do at least one run a week through January I'm OK with that as know I have the bug and it's here to stay 😍

8 Replies
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Huge well done to you... you are here now and the runs continue... do check out the info on where you may go to next !

Go get that Graduation Badge, well deserved ! Then do check out the link!

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Congrats Swoody! 🥳 What a lovely place to graduate ❤️

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Congratulations, Swoody , that's awesome! (And your celebration treat looks really delicious 😉)

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SwoodyGraduate in reply to ChannelRunner2

it certainly was 👌

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Well done completing the program 😁🎉🎉🎉Your badge is in place and looking very shiny 😎

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SwoodyGraduate in reply to Instructor57

thank you 🙏

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Well done Swoody great achievement 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃🎉🎉🥂🥂

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Well done🏅🙌👍great achievement

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