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W2 R2

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Done! I wasn’t going to but so pleased I got myself up and out now. First run I got a stitch (again, this seems to happen on the first part of each run) but by the third it’s completely cleared and this run was so much easier. Enjoying it so far!!

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Great you’re enjoying it, stitch is something I didn’t suffer with but I would say maybe slow down and get your breathing under control. Maybe because it’s cleared by third run this is when you are in your rhythm. Let us know how it’s going

Thank you. I think it’s because by then I’m warmed up. I try and go as slow and steady as I can but maybe I also need to drink more? Who knows! Trial and error I feel as I’ve always been the same.

Nice! you are doing amazing

Well done

Well done. I just finished W2R2 and have to say, I was also very pleased with myself ☺

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