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Week 5 run 3

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Hi guys. I’m so proud of myself at managing run 2 of week 5 this morning. There’s such a jump to run 3 though I’m feeling uncertain. Can I really go from running 8 minutes to 20? In 48 hours??

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Yes, trust the program, it has prepared you for run 3 of week 5, once you have completed it you will be very proud of yourself, good luck, take it slow and steady 🏃🏾

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FloRidaX in reply to AlMorr

Thank you 😊

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Well done on your progress ! 👍Don't fear run 3 though .

It's not really a jump.

Infact , the total training time for run 3 is actually 1 minute less than that of run 2 !



look at the timings .

Also , trust the program and trust yourself !

The program has got you ready for this ,

You successfully ran run 2 so you are physically ready for run 3.

Your body knows it, just just need to convince your head 😁

Slow and steady and youl smash it 😁👍

I think it’s definitely a ‘head’ thing. I’ve noticed if I lose my focus I start to feel tired. As soon as I get my focus back then I feel great. Thank you 😊

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Instructor57Ambassador in reply to FloRidaX

Absolutely, you've hit the nail on the ... er...head thing 😁


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Ah. That "ARE YOU SERIOUS? 8 minutes to 20 minutes?" thing again.

A reminder ... of how much running (into total per outing) you've done so far :

W4R1 - 16 mins

W4R2 - 16 mins

W4R3 - 16 mins

W5R1 - 15 mins

W5R2 - 16 mins

W5R3 - 20 mins

It is NOT a 'big jump' in time .

It is NOT an increase from 8 minutes to 20 minutes.

It is NOT a big physical test.

It *is* a mental challenge though.

You probably don't realise it, but you already have 157 mins (over 2.5 hours) of running in your legs before t. Your body is MORE than ready for it :-) More so than your brain.


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FloRidaX in reply to John_W

Yes, thank you for this! I will remember ‘switch brain off’ 😊

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A longer explanation here:


something more here, about the 'myth' of W5R3 here



here: healthunlocked.com/couchto5...


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FloRidaX in reply to John_W

Thank you 😊

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Hi Flo, have faith in the program, it really works. I felt the same as you in W5R2 but I did it. You have already been running for 16 minutes, you can do it. 👍👍👍

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FloRidaX in reply to VeganDave

Thank you. I’m actually excited for tomorrow morning now!

You can do it FloRidax! If I can, then anyone can. Try not to overthink it (like I did - as John knows 🙄), just get out there and run. It’s an amazing feeling when it’s done too

Happy running, keep it slow! 🏃‍♀️ 🏃🏼🏃‍♂️

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FloRidaX in reply to Dee2609

Thanks so much. Slow and steady 😊

Absolutely! just go steady, its not a sprint 👍🏻

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FloRidaX in reply to Leejbaker

steady all the way - I'm feeling way less worried since reading all of these positive replies! thank you🙂

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Absolutely you can do it. Trust the program and take it steady. For me, the biggest challenge was getting up to the 8 minutes. As people have said, this is the mind now. You will feel elated afterwards. Good luck.

PS, don't be tricked into believing the run after will be easy because it has walk breaks!!!

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FloRidaX in reply to Alan99

thank you, I can't wait to succeed and then feel that elation :-)

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Yes, you can. And although it’s true what everyone is saying, about how well the programme prepared you, about how it’s not really such a big leap, when you do it you will feel AMAZING.

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FloRidaX in reply to Magellan

I'm actually excited to run it now! thank you :-)

I did week 5 run 3 yesterday and I couldn’t stop smiling afterwards. It doesn’t feel that much longer honestly, this running malarkey is VERY addictive. So on you go like everyone else says slowly slowly the only fight you have is with your brain the rest of your body is ready 👍

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FloRidaX in reply to Lola-bear

thank you, I'm inspired now! :-)

Well done you ! Yes you can I did run 3 yesterday- not going to say it was easy and I did slow down a bit, but it’s do-able. Just pace yourself. The buzz after finishing will be worth it. Don’t think there was a single person I didn’t tell all day! Believe in yourself and the program x

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FloRidaX in reply to Doscookie

thank you - well done you too! All of this wonderful positive support has me knowing I can do this now! :-)

You can so do this xxxxx

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FloRidaX in reply to CressidaB

Thank you! I'm beginning to believe it now :-)

Well done 👏🏻👏🏻 Yes you can do it, take it steady. My friend and i completed week 7 run 2 last night and like you I was so worried about the jump to 20 minutes running non stop but we made it and nearly through week 7. We just slowed pace down and it went so quick, well done again 👍

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FloRidaX in reply to Rain_runner

Thank you! Steady is the key. Well done you too for week 7 run 2 :-)

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Rain_runner in reply to FloRidaX

Thank you 😊

Yes you can. I was so nervous read so many posts and thought there’s no way and maybe I’m not running right because 8 mins was such struggle. Although I trusted the program I definitely thought I couldn’t do it and would have to do it a few times before I move on. But when I started the coach said you have the ability this is about the mind.I am still shocked I did it.

Just keep up with the positive affirmations throughout. You can but don’t worry if you don’t complete it first time don’t give up or write yourself off. Many things can affect your run which I learnt in week 4.

You can do this 💪🏼

thank you, the positive affirmations really help :-)

Tig40 profile image

I remember this one well. It looks daunting when you see in on the app for sure. It did to me. If anything it’ll be around those first 8 mins (which you’ve already proved you can do. Twice.), when you might think -“Oh my god, I’ve got another 12 mins to go.”

It’s perfectly understandable but it’s really all in your head. Just keep that steady as you like pace going and within a few minutes you should start to feel better. It’s a challenge, but that’s what this is all about.

You’ll feel great afterwards and (spoiler alert), pretty soon you’ll start to prefer runs where you don’t have to stop and start.

Good Luck!👍

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FloRidaX in reply to Tig40

Thank you! I just need to remember that any fear is 'all in my head' thanks so much :-)

JetsNanna profile image

Short answer - yes, you can. The programme has prepared your body. Now you need to quiet your thoughts and doubts and just give it a go. Everyone worries about W5R3. Everyone. You CAN do this 😊

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FloRidaX in reply to JetsNanna

I CAN do this! :-) thank you so much

Yes you can, you've improved so much already 👏👏well done you!! I felt elated and emotional as it was such an achievement. Tig 40 made a great point, you'll not want the stop starting soon, you'll just want to keep going 😁

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FloRidaX in reply to Nohare

Thank you. Can’t believe the amount of support I’m receiving. I feel SO motivated. 😊

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Yes you definitely can. I felt exactly the same and even thought of not trying… I did a search on week 5 run 3 and ended up on this site with lots of good advice. I decided what was the worst that could happen….I’d have to stop and walk. I went really slowly focussing on the time not the speed and was over the moon when I got to 20 mins. I know others have probably said this, but at 64, and never been a runner, if I can do it ….it’s a mental challenge not so much a physical one. Just keep putting one foot in front of the other and don’t panic about not being able to do it. Good luck, if you haven’t already completed the run!

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FloRidaX in reply to Lablove

Thank you! I WILL do this tomorrow morning. I will take it slow and steady and do it 😊

That does seem a big jump....bit daunting.

There's a lot of people saying here you can, and I hope you can, but maybe you can't I defenitely couldn't the first time. The second time I did 17 minutes, going to try tomorrow again!

Hi FloRidaX. I get this every week! (Just finished W4 R3). I look at what is coming up and think, "Oh NO! I could never do that!" Then I do. I trust Laura. If she says I can do it - then I can do it. It's definitely a head thing. Think positive :-)

Will do! Thank you 😊

You will be fine. I did this last week or maybe the week before. I am running when I feel like it rather than following specific deadlines. Good luck it's a nice milestone to complete.

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