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Hi. Does anyone have any experience of running the day after their first jab? I've just had an Asta do-dah one, and I'm due to do my W6R3 tomorrow morning. Any thoughts?

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You have just had your first Oxford AstraZeneca vaccination and I would advise you to take two days off running.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Thanks... but I'm beginning to regret asking😔

Pete1wGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Based on what ??

AlMorrGraduate in reply to Pete1w

Not wise to run or do anything strenuous after any vaccination.

Pete1wGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Oooopppps. I ran the same day I had mine. No-one mentioned anything about not exercising afterwards when I asked the nurse who gave me the injection.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to AlMorr

Ahhh, I bounded out of bed at 6:30, ran my W6R3 25 min and feel absolutely fine. Interestingly, in front of me in the queue was a chap who used to live in my village - a runner who ran the UTMB some years ago. I had difficulty not bowing down before him in sheer awe and wonder.

Caley67Graduate in reply to AlMorr

I would agree...I got my jag on Thursday 18th March and didn't feel capable of a run until Sunday 21st 3pm which I did. So wait 72 hours is my advice.


Rest up....then listen to your body. It will tell you, clearly. X


I had the Pfizer 2nd dose this week and ran a slowish 5km 2 days later. It depends how you feel, you might feel absolutely fine 😁

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Jell6

I'm used to running with a wonky and painful right shoulder - extending dog lead, cat etc- but not with a possible hurty left one. I shall indeed listen to the old bod, but I may ignore my wife!

Jell6Graduate in reply to newbie-nick



I had the AZ one last Friday and asked the nurse whether it would be ok to jog (I was week 8 run 1) the following afternoon and she said as long as you feel up to it it’s fine but take it slow. I did and I was slow but I completed it and felt ok .. but obviously everyone is different 😊

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Emn1976

I like your reply! Thank you.

Kiai in reply to Emn1976

That’s a relief as I did my Week 6 Run 2 after arriving home from my 1st vaccine dose. Thanks for the info!

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Kiai

Hi. you did your 10/3/10 and I did my 6/3 25 run this morning with NO issues at all. It looks like we have both been treated lightly by the vaccination. A very, very, very slightly achy arm, but nothing else. Thank God!

I did a run the day after the AZ jab with no problems. Running days or not Garmin said my resting heart beat increased by around 10-15 BPM for a few days.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Skyblueandblack

Interesting! My watch says 8:26... as I'm wearing a very old mechanical watch. My Garmin will go back on later to act as an alarm for 6:45!! Stay safe and happy running.

SkyblueandblackGraduate in reply to newbie-nick

Odd I stopped wearing a wrist watch in 1983. Since then I could almost aways know the time within five minutes. I began C25K and shortly after bought a secondhand basic Garmin to help track any progress.The wife complains that she has been so used to me not wearing a watch for nearly forty years, I now look odd wearing one!

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Skyblueandblack

I love that you didn't wear one for so long. I was in a bike shop 18 months ago buying a new bike for 'er indoors and the sales chap said I could pay using my watch... I pulled my sleeve up to reveal my 50+ year old Smiths watch... he was very young!

I noticed this too!

I had no adverse symptoms at all from my first jab.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to dognanny

Splendid! My wife had hers yesterday - I know, it's difficult to believe she is old enough! - and her arm is sore. Mine is currently fine, which just goes to prove the age-old adage of no sense, no feeling!


Listen to your body.

I had absolutely no side effects.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to IannodaTruffe

I shall. Stay safe yourself. We need your wise words and wisdom all the time.


I was floored for a few days after the jab. I saw a big difference in my performance from W7R1( pre jab ) to W7R2 (after jab). But was back up to speed by the end of that week. Not every body suffers side affects, but I would allow a day just in case. I was on the Paracetamol after my jab but my wife only had a sore arm. Best wishes for the rest of C25K.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Snail61

Thanks, Snail. Stay safe and happy running for 2021.


I ran the next morning and it was fine. Was a little unwell that evening and the next day, then ok.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Voldatort

Sounds pretty much ok... considering what some have been like. I shall have a good night's sleep and see how I am, Fingers crossed 🤞


I ran the day after mine. Absolutely fine, no loss of pace and that was doing W9R1 👍🏻

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to ReesSteve

Oh er... W9! A true god by comparison with me, a humble W6R3 tomorrow. The fist non-walkies day.

ReesSteveGraduate in reply to newbie-nick

W6 is great. Something to celebrate

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to ReesSteve

Agreed! R 1 & 2 were fine, despite warnings of lows following on from W6R3. Here's to R3, and at least I have an excuse should I fail... not that I will.


Everyone is different. I ran 2 days after my Pfizer. But 4 days later I felt rubbish for 1, maybe 2 days.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Rennur

At present, I feel fine and have only had a very, very mild and short-lived pins-and-needles type thing. All being well I shall finish of W6 on a pain-free high.

RennurGraduate in reply to newbie-nick

Of course it might just be I happened to catch a bug. It was freezing waiting for the jab that day . Eventually they let us queue inside.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Rennur

Gosh, no queuing for us at all. Straight in - stabbed in the arm and straight out. I hope that you are feeling better soon.


AstraZeneca was spun off from ICI some years ago. I've been calling it the Dulux jab. 🤣

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to nowster

Please don't paint us all in the same light! Maybe I should gloss over that, or should I be walking on eggshell? I just go, I'm feeling all emulsional! SORRY!!!

nowsterGraduate in reply to newbie-nick

Don't forget to get two coats. 🤣

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to nowster

I'm a tough northerner [by family history] so it will only be an undercoat and forget the gloss nonsense!


I had astra zenecca and was absolutely fine. Went for a run the same day. Arm abit achy the 2nd day but nothing more than as if I'd been lifting something heavy. I'm sure you'll be fine. I'm 43 by the way, no underlying conditions (had jab cos of my job) and I've also had covid last year. So I welcome the vaccine 💪


Got mine on Wednesday, decided I’m going to run to the appointment then get bus home.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Reggit

Possibly wise getting the bus. Apparently, it can knock you for 6. Be careful and happy running.


I asked about running when I went for my jab and was told depends how you feel. As it was by the evening I felt awful and couldn’t have run. A week later I’m still getting occasional dizzy spells so wouldn’t feel safe running although I really want to ☹️ Been for a few walks instead. I’m not someone who gets ill much so has really surprised me to have this reaction. I guess we’re all different and you should listen to your body. Good luck 😊

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to JayJay_

Thanks, Jay-Jay. I 'disturbed nights sleep' due only to not wanting to roll onto that shoulder. Up at 6:30, W6R3 done and dusted without any issues*. I guess I'm one of the lucky ones... so far!*Just huge swarms on gnats by the river. I think I must have eaten my day's protein requirements.

I was in bed. Felt too ill to even sit up in the sunshine in the garden. AZ. Husband was fine on the Pfizer one. Not an uncommon pattern among the folks I know.

I felt a bit more tired for about a week after the jab but not so much that it really affected my running. Good luck.


Hi. Had mine and ran day after no problems at all. No effects at all.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Chicky33

That is good to hear. I did 6/3 this morning with no ill effects at all. A very, very slight ache in my shoulder, but nothing else.


I suppose if you feel ok there shouldn’t be any reason why not. I felt horrible for 24 hours after mine and didn’t even go out of the house!

I had the Pfizer jab as I work in a hospital. After the first jab I managed to run the next day but then had 3 days of extreme exhaustion. After the second jab I felt so nauseous it was a full week before I felt like I could run again. Do what feels right for you. Some people didn't have any side effects and we're fine, others had various side effects. If you feel up to it then run, if not take a couple days off. Listen to your body

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to FishingForSweets

So sorry to hear about your reaction, and thank you so much for all you do in the health service. We really DO appreciate it, even if fatty Johnson doesn't.Stay safe and get back to running only when your body is ready.

Take care, and thank you again.

Get out bed and run what else is there to think about

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Peter5001

I did. No ill effects... so far! Rest day tomorrow then W7.

I received my 1st jab on the Friday evening (Oxford-AstraZeneca) and then I ran early Sunday morning. I was on WK7 so 25 mins but only managed 18. I didn’t feel tired initially but was obviously suffering from a bit of fatigue as I slept on and off for the next two days. I would rest for a couple of days.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Beverley_01

So good to hear that you did get out, even it was cut short. I did my 6/3 at 7:00 today, and I feel absolutely fine. Time will tell how it pans out, but do stay safe and keep well. Here's to a wonderful spring and summer of running for all.


Everyone is different some people feel absolutely fine so run just as normal . Your body will tell you if your ok to run. If your feeling lethargic or a bit rubbish don’t run and let your body rest x if you feel fine run x I felt I needed to run after my vaccine even though I felt a bit rubbish and my run wasn’t successful x should have listened to my body 😂

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Roxy52

Sorry to hear your run wasn't too good. I was lucky and I did my 6/3 without any issues. In fact, my legs wanted to keep going, but I had some stiff words with them and they fell into line.Stay safe and well, and I hope the rest of your running goes wonderfully smoothly.

Roxy52Graduate in reply to newbie-nick

Thank you x I’m just starting my W9R1 tomorrow 🥰 x a wee blip like that won’t put me off xx

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Roxy52

Good luck with that, and we look forward to hearing your graduation news! Let's hope that your weather is kind to you!


Hi I had the Pfeizer one amd was absolutely fine to run the next day. Just a sore arm

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to BoobinMaMa

AZ here, and no ill effects. I have a very, very, very slight ache in my shoulder, but that is nothing at all. 6/3 done and dusted. Off for a 'weekend naughty' now. A bacon and egg sarnie. Maybe one a week and then less food later to balance it out. YUMMY!!!🥪🥓🍳

I ran the day after the Pfizer one- no problems 🤷‍♀️

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Fionabur

I ran at 7:00 today and all is well... a lovely morning too, other than the gnats.


Hi there Yes, I have carried on running 5k 4 times a week whilst receiving the Oxford vaccine. I have had no side effects.



newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Tonym182

Tony, that is wonderful. Keep going and enjoy the glorious spring that is just around the corner. Are you going to go beyond 5K and enter the dark zone?


Nick, maybe once a week might graduate slowly up to 10k but otherwise (for me) 5k is enough cheers Tony

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Tonym182

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sticking at 5K. I will be so pleased when I do get there... stay happy and keep running.PS. Congrats on getting the 5K point.


I guess everyone is different but I had my first AZ jab on Tuesday and went for a 5k run after work on Wednesday no problem. I’d say if you feel particularly tired or have any other side effects take the time to rest and run in a couple of days.

I took part in a vaccine trial so although I'm not sure if I had the real jab or a placebo, I hadn't heard anything about not running after the jab. With both vaccinations, I ran two days later, but that was my normal schedule having run the morning of the vax. I did have reactions with a sore arm and raised temp, but once I felt better I was out running again.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Crolla

Gosh... a guinea pig! thank you for taking part in the trial, and I hope that you are keeping well and have no other effects other than a sore arm and temp. I hope both of those are now ancient history?I wasn't told about running, but that may be due to me not looking like one!

Saty safe and keep running.

Crolla in reply to newbie-nick

It was back in December and apart from initial side effects lasting 48 hours, I've been absolutely fine. Thank you and stay safe yourself


I ran day the day after my Pfizer and it was absolutely fine!

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to RWgirl

That is so good to hear. Stay safe and stay running.

I gave myself a rest day after the jab then did a lite run the next before going back to normal.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to NikonD80

As others have said to me - listen to your body. You, and only you truly know how you are feeling. Stay safe and run freely.Cor, a Nikon D80 user. That takes me back.

I intend to run down to the vaccination centre and walk/run back. My logic is that if I have an immediate reaction, I wouldn't be safe to drive anyway, so it's better to walk....and most reactions seems to kick in the next day. For the next two days, I intend to play the dying duck, and have my partner run around bringing me tea and cake. 😉

I had mine done and felt fine on the day but the following day floored me aching all over and so tired so I've decided to take an extra day in between runs and doing the final one of the week tomorrow.. hope this helps

I didn’t feel unwell until 24 hours after my vac. So I took a couple of days off which was the best thing for me. I think it just depends on how you feel.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Newfoundland59

Sorry to hear that you didn't feel well the whole time after. It's now 24 hours for me, and I feel fine other than an ache like a thump on my shoulder where it went in.Stay safe and keep running... Brrrrr, it's gone flippin' cold here!


I had my jab yesterday morning and felt fine afterwards. I ran 8k in the afternoon, watched a film with my son last night, stood up and suddenly felt like death. That's what you get for being a smart arse. I was due for my long run today, but cancelled (obviously). I'll just see how I feel tomorrow, but will be much more careful - and it won't be a long run! Probably another day off.

From what I can gather, being tough in your running regime doesn't really do you much harm (apart from impact injuries). But you just don't get much from all that effort if you don't allow proper recovery. The physical development actually takes place in your recovery rather than the actual running, which sounds counter intuitive. Anything like flu-like symptoms (the side effect of vaccinations) massives eats into your recovery so you must have extra rest to compensate for that.

Unfortunately, I'm one of these people who always learns things the hard way.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Jennyhare

I can understand your last sentence! Learn the hard way, and never, but never read instructions!!!Good luck with your big run - is 8K not big? - and enjoy your runs when you are back to firing on all cylinders.

I'm still fine except for a slightly sore upper arm. It feels like I have been whacked hard by something. Nothing else, I'm pleased to say, but I will be wary.

Hi. I had my second vaccine yesterday. Felt a bit rough this morning but just going to take it slow on the run Hopefully I won’t pass out on the way round 😂

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Happytowngirl

I do hope not! Get yourself an ICE card, just in case.


I had mine yesterday and feel too bad to do anything, let alone go running! Felt fine for about 10 hrs afterwards, then it hit! I’d say try it if you feel up to it and as someone else said, listen to your body. Mines telling me to lie wrapped in an enormous quilt with generous amounts of drugs on hand!

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Shuffledaway

Oh heck! that sounds pretty damned awful. I've been lucky so far, with only a slightly aching upper arm. I did my 6/3 this morning and that went well except I stopped my watch when I moved it - luckily the music track I was listening to was 24 and a half minutes long. It finished, I kept going for a bit so all done.Stay safe, snuggle up and if you are allowed, have some red liquid medicine. The French are very good at making it.

ShuffledawayGraduate in reply to newbie-nick


newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Shuffledaway


I felt dreadful! I woke with an awful headache tat I had all day ... everyone’s different so see how you feel

I ran two hours after my Oxford vaccine and was absolutely fine, day after a bit of muscle pain and later in the day feeling exhausted. Day after that absolutely fine.


Thanks for this post! I have promoted it and pinned it xxx

Hello I had mine last Monday and was ready to cancel everything but speaking to the vaccinator he said see how you feel if you dont feel good dont do it but if you think you're ok go for it n judge it as you go, do less and stop if you start to feel queer. My run was due on the that Monday, I felt ok so I went (I've been doing w1 since feb!) And I felt good but come tuesday tea time felt really tired n went to bed at 8pm! Slept right through. Arm became quite sore and tender mind, so I'd say see how you feel and go with that adjusting as needed.


Pfizer second jab is the one with the most common tiredness side effect - it really wiped me out

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Karen59er

Oh heck! I really hope you are feeling better soon. Take as long as you need, recover fully and just think of the runs you have had, and all the ones to come later this year.


Hi there, I had my Astra do dah jab on Thursday and felt dreadful for 24 hours, no energy and bit of a temperature. I took a Netflix day Friday and then went for my first run of week 6 yesterday. I had less energy than usual for first ten mins but then felt much better for doing it. My husband had his jab at same time and ran 8k next day, no side effects at all! Just do what you feel you can, if you have no side effects then go for it.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to LolaBobs

Thanks. What a kind buch you all are with your plethora of replies. I did W6R3 the day afer it with no ill effects other than a slighty achy arm. I had very slight oins and needles later in the day, and today it is just like I have walked into a door frame. W7R1 tomorrow morning, so that will really let me know if it is OK... If you hear of a jibbering pile of humanity found on Dartmoor, that will be me!

Just had my Astrozeneca jab and I'd run 3 miles back home before I realised I hadn't done the 15 minutes waiting-around-for-side-effects at the centre. Oops!


I took a few days off after the job. Four to be exact. Back at it today took it easy and it went ok. Wouldn’t have been able to run the day after, could hardly get up the stairs lol.

I had my 2nd Pfizer dose on Sunday and feel rubbish. Achey all over and headache. I’m going to be resting until I feel ok. I think listen to your body. I’m on week 5 run 1. Gutted my schedule is off but no way I can run feeling like this. I’ll try a walk first!

I’m new on here but enjoyed reading your pinned post and replies (lifted my spirits) and saw you were ok after your jag, very glad to hear it. I’ll bear in mind after my second about this as I’d never have thought of it 😅

Probably a bit late to help you, but I had the AZ vaccine 💉 on Saturday and ran my best run in months on Sunday.

Slept like a baby and felt fine, so went for a steady run and all was good.

As suggested, listen to your body and see how it goes. My friend ran home after her first 💉 and when asked was advised to walk for 15 minutes first 😜

To give the IT answer - it depends!

You know your body, if not feeling up to it, have another rest day.

newbie-nickGraduate in reply to Foz4star

So good to hear that it all went well for you - that makes two of us! A slightly sore arm, but everything else is fine. As it is with the wife too who had hers the day before me.


All my friends have reacted in different ways to the vaccine, but I certainly didn’t feel up to running for a few days. I would say listen to your body, an extra rest day or two won’t do you any harm.

Didn’t run for a week after my Oxford jab, was going to start week 9, had to bump back to week 7 run 3.

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