Running hair!

So ladies, does anyone have any good suggestions of what to do with your hair so that you don't have to wash it and restyle every time you run?

I have a chin length bob so can't tie it up. At present I'm using a wide headband which also keeps my ears warm and keeps the headphones in, but even when it's cold my hair gets really squashed and sweaty.

How do you all manage?


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37 Replies

  • I understand and share your dilemma. I don't like washing my hair more often than every 5 days. I can occasionally get away with not washing it after running, but not often. If you find a solution, please share it.

  • I know what you mean! Sorry, no ideas here but the trade off of feeling great (inside and out) is worth the extra hair washing in my book! Happy running :)

  • I wash my hair every day, it's very short though so not much hassle. Assuming you don't want a dramatic restyle, have you though about trying a dry shampoo like batiste post run?

  • My hair's a little bit longer so I can tie it back. I have a Big Hair dryer that I use when I get home and that salvages it.

  • I cut mine short and wash it after a run, there is no way I could get away with it as it's dripping!!! I must be a real sweaty Betty!

  • Mines very thick , my solution is after a run brush it all back , stick headband in till I'm ready to wash it , then I wash it looks presentable for a day , then the process starts all over again ! My hair goes really frizzy with sweating , oh well it's worth it

  • I have long hair and run in my lunchtimes at work so really don't want to wash it after my run. I put half of it up in a half-ponytail and then another low one at the nape of my neck. It seems to help keep it aerated! Also I let it all down for the warm down walk and use dry shampoo if needed, best product ever!

  • I wash mine as it gets sweaty, but you could let yours dry then use some dry shampoo ??

  • Batiste!!! Can't live without it !

  • You ladies are SO lucky. I can only dream of having hair. For me it's a distant memory, but it makes running and cycling so much easier.

  • I have a number of friends who lost their hair through chemo and it grew back curly when it wasn't before which made for an interesting make over! . You'll be down the hair accessories aisle In no time x

  • Hi. My hair will never grow back. I'm a chap!! Sallycycle was from a comment my wife made about my scruffy state when I came back from a particularly muddy bike ride.

    I did have testicular cancer some years ago, but I survived (unlike my father) but may hair had long-since fallen out by then.

  • Ha ha- I guess no hair accessories for you then!!!

  • Only if I pop my wig on and slip in to a pretty frock!! ;~)

  • If you do, you know we'll need a photo don't you?

  • I shall leave you with a I being serious, or am I joking? I know; but do you?

  • No pics then or perhaps that's no pics yet.

  • IF I do a charity run, then maybe...just maybe...!

  • you're on!

  • Good job I'm in practise with a nice long pleated skirt now then..!

  • Thanks everyone. It's good to know that I don't suffer alone! I shall try letting it down for the warm down walk and clearly need to invest in some dry shampoo. ( although it reminds me of being a greasy haired teenager several decades ago and brushing in talc between hair washes. Ugh! I guess the concept has advanced since then)

  • Wish I knew! I look like Frizzwoman when I get home. No way round it, I always need to wash my hair,,.. Although dry shampoo sounds a good possibility.

  • Ha ha - I thought it was only me with this problem! I have shoulder length hair too but it's straightened and I can't wash it and restraighten it every day cos it will end up like straw!! I shall also become queen of the batiste spray!!

  • I have thick hair which I keep shortish and I wash it after a run and keep it well conditioned. Holland and Barrett do some argan oil conditioner which keeps my hair spectacularly soft and shiny.

  • I Love Batiste : )

  • I always tell the wifey she looks lovely even with sweaty hair and not to worry too much what she looks like on a run. From a blokes perspective - active women are far more attractive than lazy bods!

  • Well what I do is this....I jump in the shower and wet my hair but don't wash it and then when I get out I put in some product usually mousse and then blow dry as normal, always feels fresh and seems to sit better too.

  • i have the same dilemma! I have long thick hair but it takes me so long to wash and dry it I only do it every 3 or 4 days. I try to time a long run with a hair wash days and only do short runs the other days. I sometimes just have to pin it back on those days though (have a heavy fringe). I like the idea of the double ponytail to keep the air circulating, I might give that a go!

  • Ok..this is a reply from a woman who has suffered this problem for years (I have mixed race/curly, frizzy, diana ross hair..which I "relax" chemically. I am not trying to scare you:-)..I just want you to understand that I have really difficult hair)!!! and the answer is PANTYHOSE and 1 hairroller!!!! After running (and this obviously works best if you run in the evening or if you can walk around unseen!!! during the day with the pantyhose on your head...because that is where it is suppose to be for this purpose..not on your bottom. After running, get your shower and do not! wash your hair, come out, get dressed, put you pantyhose and roller ready...Then 1. Brush your hair straight down. 2. Take the a bit of hair on the top of your head and roll it tight around the hairroller as you would do normally. So now you have 1 hairroller neatly stuck in the middle of your head. Make sure it does not wobble. 3. Then, with a very "hairy" brush (not a wide toothed brush) start brushing your hair around your head tightly (it is a gradual process). You wrap your hair around your head. Keep burshing and the moisture (yuk..but it works) will keep the hair sticking to your head (You can also use a little bit of product like anti-frizz serum to make it stick.). If needed wet the brush, and keep brushing until it seems like you have a smooth comb-over all over your head with the hairroller still sticking out like an island on top. (does it still make sense?). This requires a bit of practice, but it will pay off! When all the hair is neatly and tightly wrapped around your head and there are no bits falling loose, carefully take the roller out and gently brush it in with the rest, making sure the "hive" does not fall apart. Then quickly take the panthose and put it all over your hair(I cover my ears as well) and gently turn the hose in the direction in which you have brush your hair to make sure all hairs are pointing in the same direction. Tie the legs together. Next morning, it will have dried up and if you had brushed enough last night, you will have lovely sleek locks. It is not very sexy..but I do get a lot of compliments and my hubby married me for better or worse;-)....and that is really when I am at my worse. Let me know how it goes. Happy running!!!

  • By the way...loads of tutorials on "How to wrap your hair" on the internet. They all have 1 thing in common...not sexy at all..but works!

  • Wow! amazing! Can't imagine how you worked that one out?

    At least it doesn't involve running with tights over your head, although come to think of it......

  • Sorry my hair is all sweaty I have to wash mine when I run every time !!!!!!!!

  • I have just beyond shoulder length, but with lots of layers so the front is just too short to pony tail, so I do the same as ReyC, a half ponytail at the top then that (or the bits of it that are long enough) and the rest of the hair go into another ponytail, not quite as low as ReyC's but not too high. Generally the sweaty bits are round the nape of my neck and these can be dampened and dried without washing the rest if need be. If I don't want to wash it it stays up in the shower or else it all gets wet anyway. Though saying that it generally does get washed and dries itself while I walk to work (one of the consequences of running is that I don't (often) disappear off to work having forgotten to brush my hair, usually because it's been tied back for running in the morning).

  • I have hair issues... It's fine and a nightmare. Running has made it more fuzzy... I sometimes tie it up but I find if I just put alot of hair treatment in and then put my sweatband on that limits the damage of the salt and makes it all nice after my shower...

  • Dry shampoo and a blow dryer. Put the dry shampoo on the roots and then blow dry it. It will give the roots some volume as well. You can also get a spray bottle filled it with water and just mist the roots then blow dry if you don't want to use the dry shampoo.

  • Same problem here... My hair is about shoulder length and it's pretty sticky after a run (it's dripping). I try to wash it not more than every two or three days as my scalp gets irritated easily (am already using very mild shampoo) and the more often you wash it the faster it becomes greasy. Since I've joined the local gym and have some kind of workout almost every day my formula running day=hair washing day doesn't work any more. I started to simply rinse it with clear water on those non-hair washing days. This way the sweat washes out but the scalp isn't irritated and it looks good enough when it's dry. Perhaps this might be a solution for you. You'll still have to blow dry/ dry it but that causes still less impact on your hair as a full washing session would do.

  • Oh the hair nightmare!! I have shoulder length mixed race full of hair head - washing it after every run is not possible for me because it takes forever to restyle!! I only wash it 3 times a week I am afraid.

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