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Running at night

Hi. Started my C25k yesterday and had some great support already - thank you. I'm keen to keep up momentum so was thinking about going out again tomorrow. I work full time and have a young son so the earliest I can get out will be 7pm but truthfully not that keen on running in the dark alone but I would try.

When starting out how many sessions do you think you should realistically do? I was thinking 2-3 a week.

Do any of you do any other classes to help build strength / well being- either gym or yoga?

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I don't mind running at night, but there are plenty of well lit roads around where I live. The C25K plan is three runs a week, so stick to that if you can.

I do some light conditioning exercises on my non-run days - mainly concentrating on core/abs in an effort to tone up my spare tyre, but also adding in some squats and some static stretches.

I have one day per week where I don't do either.

I think the key is to start off slowly - gradually build in some more exercise as your stamina improves (although you probably have plenty of that with a little one to run after!) and as time allows.

Enjoy your run tomorrow!

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You do this your way and fit it around your lifestyle...:)

Many of us try to do the three runs a week, with a rest day in between, or more if needs be.. your rest days are paramount and you take as long as you need to reach Graduation.

I run, or try to, on Sunday, Tuesday and Friday... life and weather, ( and small granddaughter) can cause blips..., but I always try to do three runs.

The programme indicates three a week, to keep you going. :)

Many of us do exercise in between..I do yoga, every day... lots of walking, ( especially with new granddaughter) swimming and cycling in the better weather. I use my cross trainer too to keep improve my core strength and stamina...I did use the linked NHS strength and Flex exercises all through C25K on my rest days.. I found them really useful. Many folk do other exercises and I am sure will be giving you advice.

I am not a health or exercise fanatic, just build it into my routine each day :)

Having a young one makes it tricky...I am old...:) and retired, but was a full time teacher and had two girls too.. I used to have to get out and walk/run early in those days. :) I was very well organised...!!!

I run early mornings, I love that time... even in winter...but unless your small one has someone at home with him, I guess that would not be possible?

If you run at night, you will get lots of advice about being safe and being seen...the main thing is, enjoy this, however you make it work for you...:)

Keep posting as you will continue to get loads of support and encouragement :)


Thank you for your support. I'm a teacher too. They run a yoga class at school every week so going to join that.

I'm going to get out there tomorrow. I like the idea of an early morning run but would have to be out there before 6am if I have any chance of getting all of us out the house on time. I'm not very organised!

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PS... SLOW and Steady is the way... the only way :)


Most people run every other day during the programme, or 3 times a week with a couple of days off together. Providing you make sure to take at least one rest day in between runs, you can pretty much set your own agenda.

There are strength and flexibility podcasts available on the NHS website too and although I only use them sporadically, they are very good and I know a lot of folk on here use them regularly.

Take everything at your own pace (slow is good). Have a good stretch after each run and post on here often so we can cheer you on. Good luck with your next run😊😊

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Thank you. I'll have a look at the extra exercises.

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I was a bit apprehensive about running in the dark but I've just been out (in the rain as well) and it's actually fine! As long as you're in a well-lit area you feel safe in. If anything I quite liked it because no one could see my heavy breathing face...


Thank you. Yes, I am going to get out there tomorrow evening.


I tend to go to the gym and work on upper body and core strength as well as leg strength and flexibility (but I avoid the treadmill). Sometimes I also swim. But I'm lucky as I'm not working at the moment due to having had so much ill health over the last two years I felt I need some time to concentrate on getting better and then getting healthy. I was deputy headteacher in a primary school, so I really understand how difficult it is getting out to run, especially with a small child at home. One of my colleagues used to run from school at about 4.30 (once the children had disappeared, then come back to school and finish her marking/prep). I don't think I could have done that.


I've been running in the dark but rush hour starts so early in London that it's already so busy on the roads with everyone going to work it feels ok. I quite like it but go early morning.


I like running in the dark as long as you choose well lit areas you will find others about either doing the same thing or walking their dog. I've just completed wk 1 and its best to do the three runs in the week as the plan says if you can.

I was thinking of doing some yoga stretches in between times as I can feel a bit stiff I've found, and in any case, it won't do any harm.


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