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Anyone who has read any of my posts will know that I HATE running whilst listening to music etc, but I am not going to do some running in parks and other areas where I don't have the birdsong, rushing rivers and babbling brooks, and bleating of sheep as an accompaniment to my running; therefore I am going to take the plunge and run with tunes!

I could do with some help and advice. I need a decent pair of headphone that won't fall out and which sound pretty good. I know Yurbuds stay put, but I have heard that they are not too good on the sound quality front. Therefore I really need some advice for running audiophiles, if there are any out there?

Any advice would be really welcome.

Thanks, and safe running to all. Get the sun block out and watch for tics climbing up the 3D climbing frame that are men's legs ~ apologies to hairy ladies and hairless men the world over.

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I don't think you need to worry too much about the sound quality - there will be background noise, your own breathing, your feet, etc, etc, so you don't need audiophile quality for running. IMHO.

As for staying put... I've got a pair of Phillips sports earphones (I hope Phil isn't missing them!). They have like an ear-shaped looped that the speaker is attached to. The loop wraps around the outer ear, and the speaker itself gets pushed into the inner ear as normal. The result is that they stay put no matter how much I jump around. They look quite a bit like these, but there is a huge variety, so let your wallet guide you...



Thanks. I did buy some Philips ones, and I still have the box, BUT the headphones were 'requisitioned' by our son before I could use them!! He says they are OK, but nothing to write home about.

I don't fancy putting them in my ears now, but being a fussy type, I would like to get some decent ones.


I'm no expert but if you have an iPhone/iPod the Apple earpods work a treat. And there's a pause/play + volume control on the wire which is very handy.. and you can also use it to answer your phone if it rings (indeed if you are able to speak lol) :D xx


An iPhone!! I don't think so. I still use a bakelite phone at home. OK, that's not quite true, but I only take an iPod with me, not a phone.

I don't like the iPod ones as they keep falling out even before I run.


I don't know if you have the newer ones or not, but they are better designed to fit in your ear. I've not had any problems with them at all but all ears are different shapes I guess :D



I'm a bit of audiophile; I've got Yurbuds and they're actually fine, sound quality wise. As Tomas says you probably don't need studio quality earphones for exercise, and I'd definitely avoid any type of noise cancelling ones. Happy shopping! :)


Your right in that I don't want noise cancelling ones, but I do want decent sound quality.

Is it possible to try Yurbuds before you buy, or is it like underwear ~ not the sort of thing you try before you buy?


I know of Shure but I was trying to avoid noise cancelling as there could be cars around at times. I shall look at Shure's website and see if they so ones that are not noise cancelling.

Thanks for the info. Happy and safe running.


Thanks, it does help.

I phoned my local Sweatshop and asked if I can try Yurbuds first, 'oh yes, sir; we have demonstrators'. Well, it just goes to show that your'e never too old to learn something new.


Ha! Sorry for the double post... Trying to read and type on a smartphone isn't always very effective :/


I read loads of reviews and ended up buying a pair of over ear Monster earphones first, from John Lewis. They wouldn't let me try them on first, but the guy said if I couldn't get on with them I could have a refund if I kept the receipt. After I'd bought them I sat in the car to try them out with my iPod, but I just could not adjust the outer bit so it was comfortable in the rim of my ear!

So straight back into the shop I went, and swapped them for my Yurbuds, which I love because they're so squishy and comfortable. And the sound quality is good enough to take my mind off my own puffing and panting noises...

In the end, of course, it's down to personal preference. I happen to have ridiculously small ears :) But I would recommend buying them from somewhere like John Lewis rather than online, just because then you can return them with no questions asked.

Hope that helps :)


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