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Week 8 Complete. Close to the end - What to do post C25k

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Do I really only have 3 runs left? I can't believe I am so close to the end.

My second run of Week 8 felt like the best one actually - I got a runners high and felt strong - though I run later in the day on my other runs. The last couple of weeks have really taught me a lot about my body and how it reacts, and the rest and care it requires before the run. It's been amazing to learn, and also to be proud of my body for getting me through those 28 minutes.

I am planning a month of consolidation once I complete. I really hope this is something I keep up for a long time. C25k has helped create the routine I need (3 times weekly) to run. But any advice on what you did after the programme? And how to make sure I keep running a part of my life long-term?

I should add I won't reach 5k in 30 mins next week at my speed so that will be my first challenge!

5 Replies
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I'm in the exact same position as you. I just completed week8 run 3 yesterday and it was my best run yet. run 1 and 2 were really difficult for me so im relieved that the 3rd was good as it has given be the courage to move on to week 9. My goal after is to maybe keep repeating the 30 minute run until i can get faster, and sustaining the 3 times a week schedule. There is a post 5k podcast I think, have you checked them out?

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also you can check out this page on here " MARCH 2021 CONSOLIDATION CLUB "

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Thank you for these suggestions Milk_Honey! I didn't know about the podcast but will try and find it. I only heard about Consolidation club recently but I will definitely be in there soon. Same for me - I want to maintain the schedule because it's in place and work on speed for first month. I think I am going to miss the C25k Jo Whiley in my ear so will definitely be using the Week 9 podcasts again too. But want to make sure I have a bit of a plan to keep me motivated.

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When you announce your graduation I will send you a link to a guide to post C25k running.

If you cannot wait, it is sitting in the FAQ Posts, which you will find in the Pinned Posts.

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I graduated recently. I'm now following the NHS C25K+ programme. Specifically designed to take your running to the next level. Good luck.

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