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Week 8 - not quite complete :(


I went out with the intention of completing week 8 today, but my lungs had other ideas! I have an upper resp infection, but it hasn't been affecting my breathing, so the doc said I was fine to continue as long as I felt ok. Well I managed 23 minutes before I gave into to the increasingly rattly breathing and stopped to take my inhaler and clear the gunk! Only walked for about a minute and then continued running until the end, but it wasn't the full 28 minutes continuous running that it should have been. So I shall have another attempt at finishing week 8 on Thursday....

...can't really complain though, 3 months ago I couldn't run 60 seconds!!

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That s the spirit, keep trying.

CookieMGraduate in reply to Qscout

I will! :)


You know you can do it when your lungs work properly, so no worries about a short walk today. But what a positive way of looking at how far you've come :)

CookieMGraduate in reply to RainbowC

Thank you! :)


Well done.. but be sensible and only head out if you feel fine :) You have come so far... just slow and steady does it :)

CookieMGraduate in reply to Oldfloss

I felt ok - I have done the last two runs with the same, but the cough hasn't got in the way - next time, clear all gunk from lungs _before_ setting out!! :)

OldflossAdministrator in reply to CookieM

Good plan! :)


You are so close now, I know you will get there soon. Your lungs have improved so much already, when you're up to it you will complete it! - Good luck!

CookieMGraduate in reply to ClarePB

Yes - I know I'm not running at "full lung capacity" at the moment - but the fact that I can run when I am actually only using 80% of my usual lung capacity is amazing!! (and I know that when I am well and all my asthma drugs are doing their job I have the lungs of a 37 year old despite being 45, (and they work at 133% what they should be at my age)!!!!!!)


Keep at it, but take care of yourself too. You'll get there.

CookieMGraduate in reply to Maddee_6333

I know - felt fine before, during and after run - only thing getting in the way was this cough which I thought was getting better until I went out running this afternoon!! Fingers crossed it is on it's way out!

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