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Pulled muscle or ligament

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Does anyone long do these sort of things take to go? I’ve consulted doc and she says weeks sometimes so I’m worried will lose stamina I’ve built up since starting last April?! Do I just keep up w brisk walking for same time distance so my body remembers? Thanks v much if anyone has advice or had similar.

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Definitely definitely Ruby69 listen to the Dr and take time out, walking is good, your stamina won't just run off, don't worry 👍 but you don't wanna antagonize that injury and worsen it!

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Ruby69Graduate in reply to Imc50

I hear you!! thanks! think just wanted someone to say it’s ok to chill for a while and I won’t lose ability

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Imc50Moderator in reply to Ruby69

👍 gentle stretching even whilst not running will help,

All depends on what/severity of the injury, they can take weeks I unfortunately had to take 3 months out as I kept going even with pain and strains.....and wish I had listened now. Take it easy and if you can manage do support work like strength and stretch ...you will be back before you know it

I also got a physio referral...they were brilliant and gave me exercises to help

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Ruby69Graduate in reply to bubblebird123

😱Thanks bubblebird123 the doc offered me physio if it goes on too long it’s not too bad but bad enough for me to feel when walking so yes stretching and back to pilates for me I’ll prob have to stay C25K all over again! Quite looking fwd to it 😂😂😂😂

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bubblebird123Graduate in reply to Ruby69

I bullied my doc 😁 Ruby69 I love pilates...I started it as my recovery and fell in love with it. There's a lady Cailin on YouTube does pilates for runners it seems to have help no end....I also do a couple of short yoga sessions to add to it.

I am just back at w2r2 after my couch time and quite enjoying the "i got this" feeling on my little runs 😁😁😁

Good luck and speedy recovery 🙏

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Definitely listen to the Doc. And do take up the offer of physiotherapy.

If it's hurting at all when you're walking, rest from that too. Overdoing it now will delay healing.

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