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Pulled a muscle in my groin W3R3


So it appears I’ve pulled a muscle in my groin , do I take a few days rest or try and power through?

It’s better today than yesterday but I don’t want to cause more problems. Yesterday was a bit painful but today I’m just very aware of it as I’m walking.

Yesterday should have been W4R1 but I put it off.

Thanks in advance


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Rest... unless you really want to tear it badly.

Good job so far, rest the injury and come back gently.


Ooh go steady with that. Groins can be difficult if not looked after (!) Enjoy the ice pack... 😳 and take it easy, stretching gently when the soreness settles and keep stretching well when you get back to running 👍


Take longer to recover rather than less. If injury is not managed properly it can become long term. You won't lose fitness if you rest for a week


No, never try to run through bad pain, rest up..

Essential reading here for newbies in the link..


Thanks guys, appreciate your input 👍🏻

I swam (gently) today and it was fine but I’ll take it easy.



My daughter pulled a muscle in her groin ( the one footballers tend to do) when she was learning to cartwheel no handed at about 11 years old. She had to take the whole of summer holidays off of ballet, tap, gymnastics, acro and was only allowed gentle stretching exercises.

It drove her nuts after 7yrs of gym 3 times a week plus all the dance and she has never got the same flexibility back ( could never do box splits again).

So be careful with it and do what your body tells you!!

Mark_C0 in reply to limberlou


I had a very physical day today at work and could feel it aching at times towards the end. Tomorrow I’m going to try and do a week 1 run at a very gentle pace to see how I get on. If it hurts at all then I’ll stop immediately

Thanks all 👍🏻

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