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Day 1 done


Well that’s the first one done listened to NHS podcast which helped . It’s bloody hard but feel better for doing it. I think the people in the park must of thought I was running out of breath and big red face 😂. But day one is done .💪

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Congratulations on completing run 1 of week 1 of C25K and welcome to the forum, to avoid you having a big red face, run a little slower, drink plenty of water, no running on consecutive days as that could cause a injury, you can repeat any runs or week's if you wish to, good luck for your running journey with C25K 😊 🏃🏾

Irish_eyes42 in reply to AlMorr

Thank you for the tips will definitely take them on board . Don’t think I could run any slower 😂 but it’s a start and that important part for me

AmyVic in reply to Irish_eyes42

I'm with you there! I've just started too...2nd run yesterday and I actually think the term run is being loosely used!

Super!!! 👏Well done, i hope you keep going.

Irish_eyes42 in reply to Jimtom

I will try and keep going hardest part is done and that’s starting 💪

Jimtom in reply to Irish_eyes42

That is true! 😀


Give yourself a pat on the back Irish_eyes42 you got out there, 👍.

Get those stretches in before you cool off!

Get the water intake up remember 2ltrs a day or more 👀

And tomorrow you can rest........ Pardon you don't want to rest hmmmm ok but definitely no running.....

What you may like Is our strength and flex program take a look the lovely

CBDB is on hand lurking about with some Brilliant exercises etc to for with your running pop across...

CBDBGraduate in reply to Imc50

Oh well done! And yes, as Imc50 says, don’t forget post run stretches. You’ve probably seen these but here again;

Irish_eyes42 in reply to CBDB

Thank you did some but not all of them on there

Well done! Especially in this weather! Ive just done run 2, week 1 today and also have matching red face

Well done 👍 planing second one Friday or Saturday morning. Someday we won’t be have red face we can do this 👍💪

Well done. I found getting out for the first run the hardest, once you're over that barrier I think it gets a bit easier. As for a red face, I think even when I've been much fitter I always got red during/after exercise, I've just learnt to accept it now. I just don't schedule any work meetings straight after an exercise session 🥵

Definitely the first was hardest to talk myself into doing it and not easy but we did it. I will remember that for future when eventually get back to work from furlough 🤞💪

I think I had a lot of misconceptions. I thought it was going to be really difficult, and although I've only just finished W3, so hardly an expert, I can say that so far each session has just been difficult enough to challenge me, but the progression between them is small enough that I feel like it's achievable. Hopefully that continues! I must admit that my progression has been much slower than the 3 runs a week would lead you to - I tried running through muscle pain in the early runs which caused me more major problems and I needed to rest up for a few weeks, and now I'm leaving several days between runs. I feel pretty good after today's run though, so I hope I can reduce that interval a bit as my body becomes more used to the running. I have found the community here to be great, and feel much better about my slow running pace now given that it's one of the main instructions to new runners. I'll work on that further down the line, for now I'm looking forward to W4! Keep checking in with us here for motivation :)

Well done you I guess we will all do it at our own pace and each one for me is achievement that I thought I would never do I am not going to beat myself up if like you I leave more days between runs . The main thing is we are doing it and we can do it 💪


Fantastic. Trust me your spectators will either ignore you, forget about you by now or even... have a smidgen of envy they have not bitten the bullet.

Irish_eyes42 in reply to Rennur

That’s true we shouldn’t take to much notice


Well done - you got this.

Well done on getting started🙌🏼. I’m also a newcomer to ‘running’ and am about to start W4 today🤞🏼🏃‍♀️. All the advice already given to you and available on this forum is spot on. Most of all don’t be too hard on yourself, keep a steady pace and enjoy the experience.

Irish_eyes42 in reply to Rwran18

Thank you I thought I would have stiff legs this morning there fine but weirdly my shoulders are a bit stiff

That can happen sometimes if you tend to feel a bit tense when you run. It may help if you ensure you try to adapt a nice rhythm to your breathing in tandem with your walking and running.

Irish_eyes42 in reply to Rwran18

I did struggle to find a rhythm with my breathing if that makes sense

Yes it does......on your next run, try to focus on your breathing. I find if I push my shoulders and head up and breathe through my mouth, it seems to help me keep a nice rhythm.

Irish_eyes42 in reply to Rwran18

Thank you will try


Well done! I remember with the 1st run worrying whether my phone would work, would this work, would that work etc. But it all worked! Hard work, but it worked! I still look like a 🍅 when I get back and that’s when it’s -2 out 🤣. Anyway, congratulations. And happy running 🏃‍♂️.

Irish_eyes42 in reply to Frenc

Thank you 🙏

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