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How fast should I run?

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Just started C25K - have completed first 2 runs of week 1. Am using a treadmill but was wondering how fast should I run/jog. I am a bit worried about the old knees. Currently walking at 5.7 kph and jogging at 9 kph. Is this fast enough? I weigh 17st 8lb.

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You need to find a pace that you can sustain for the duration of your run. There is no right or wrong speed as we are all different. You can work on speed later as your fitness improves. For now just enjoy the running at a comfortable pace :)

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Start at a speed at which you can hold a conversation, without any snatched breaths or gasping. It may seem slow but is adequate for your body to adapt.

As you get fitter you may be able to still hold a conversation at a slightly faster pace. There is no need to go any faster during C25k than that easy, conversational pace.

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IannodaTruffe has said it all :)

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Try walking on the treadmill until you can go no faster - then start to "run" at that same pace - this should/could be your running pace when doing C25K. You should find this pace to be very easy to do - although if it does feel a bit physically awkward then speed it up just a little until you are comfortable. The aim of C25k is to finish all weekly days workouts and to do so easily.

Thanks for the advice.

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Hi I run at 7.5 km which may seem slow but allows me to run for 50 mins . During which I sweat Like a pig but can continue my run so I’m happy

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