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Week 1 complete!

So just back from week 1, run3. I'm still finding it difficult, but I can do it, so i think I'll try week 2 next Tuesday. (Sunday and Monday off, lovely!). For the first time, I had company - my husband and son (7) came too. Husband did his w1 r1 and found it much easier than me (grrr, I know i should be pleased for him, but...well). He's going to be getting up and out at 6am in the week and on Saturdays we'll do our 'my last, his first' of the week. We also passed a dog walker, well, sit & thrower, who first lap past her said 'well, at least you're doing ti, I couldn't' and next time we had a bit more of a chat as I was on the walk section. After we'd finished I went back to her as my son was now throwing balls for the dog and told her all about it - it helped that she was a curvy lady having a fag, and she was impressed that we were even doing ti. She said she'd see me on the field in the summer in my short shorts and be envious ;) Maybe she'll even start! :D

But overall I'm pleased to have finished the first week and I can't wait to see what a challenge next week will be - this week is still difficult but I can do it, so next week should be also difficult but something to work for. I think I'm feeling better the rest of the time, too, going up stairs and walking to my mums house seemed a bit easier - whether that's mental or not I don't know but I don't mind either! ;)

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Well done Claire! Think it's great you are both doing it....if you are anything like me the competive spirit will keep you can't have hubby over taking :) Good luck with w2!


Well done Claire. I think it's great that it's a family event. Your son might get the running bug early. Shame it's not in schools.


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