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Hi... I turned 60 this year and decided I needed a challenge. I have always tried to walk 10,000 steps a day as a way of keeping fit. My daughter is currently on week 8 of c25K and doing very well.... I always said I don't like jogging or running cant see the point. But... I thought I would surprise her next time I visit (she lives 250 miles away). By saying "are you going for a run today?" and when she says yes ... I want to be able to say "good I think I will come with you"! I am due to visit the end of October - so fingers crossed that I get through the course! I have found the week quite bearable so should I stick to the course to the letter? should I skip a week or can I do extra days? Looking forward to being a part of this lovely community and maybe one day I will be a runner....:-)


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  • PS. By the way I have loved this week ... and I really think I have the C25K bug

  • I loved running at school, but wasn't particularly good at it and didn't run again until forty years later, two years ago. I now have no fear of turning sixty in a couple of months time, having transformed my fitness levels due to C25k. In just a few weeks your life will change. Coming to this at our age is a great bonus and will make you feel years younger. Be warned, addiction is very likely.

    Unless you have been very physically active in recent years, I would stick to the plan as delivered by the patron saint of new runners, Laura. The progression of the plan is brilliant, giving you rewards for your efforts in tangible improvements to your stamina, in a couple of weeks, and keeping the risk of injury to a minimum, while stretching you all the time.

    Rest days are crucial. That is when your body adapts to the stresses that you are putting on it.

    If you complete a run, move on to the next one....you will be ready. If you don't complete, then repeat it.......you are in control.

    I found C25k to be the most empowering thing that I have done for many years and hope that you too find as much joy from running as my wife and I have.

    Welcome to the wonderful world of C25k.

    Keep running, keep smiling.

  • Welcome to the forum & this wonderful community. It is very important that you stick to the programme as it is getting your body ready for the final goal of running for 30 mins - many people have said on year when I joined have faith in Laura and listen to what she is telling you. Most importantly enjoy those runs. I am on Week 7 run 1 done tonight & I never thought I would be able to do that in a million years!!! Good luck ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Congratulations on getting started. - for me it was the hardest part.

    Not being an experiences runner, I can only offer my personal perspective. I followed the plan to the letter, didn't miss a run, fortunately didn't have to repeat any, and I felt challenged but not overwhelmed. I got to the point where I looked forward to my run by about week 3, and finally got the bug in about week 6. I graduated last Saturday, still slow, but able to do 30mins non-stop without blowing a gasket.

    I would recommend you do what Laura tells you! But choose your own music!

    Good luck with the rest of the programme ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Thank you for your support. So nice to be able to talk about it as partner just looks at me and says "why", he much prefers to cycle... oh well each to their own I guess. Can I just clarify one more point please, having completed my three runs with a day between the first two and now a day off tomorrow. do I also need to rest again Wednesday as I began last Thursday? sorry if this is a dumb question does 3 a week actually mean a total of 4 rest days in each week or is it just one days gap between each run ?

  • Hi, and welcome. You're going to love c25k. I think all you have to do is to take at least one days rest (but take 3 if you need them; this will pay in the long run, and will cost you much more time than the little you gain, if you don't take necessary rests). So that means that while you're feeling nice and comfortable and injury free, you can just go on, with overlapping "weeks", and not lose 2 needless days at the week's end.

    When's rest necessary? Every time. To actually gain from your efforts you need to give your body time to catch up and heal itself. And if you're feeling worn out, that's probably your body asking for more than a day off. (And if you oblige it, you will gain, not lose). The big trick in the long run seems to be to avoid injury, rather than make the targets. You'll get to your long runs surprisingly quickly, even if you need to repeat weeks or take long rests, so there really is no hurry there. Explore the messages on this forum a bit more, and you'll find that haste + injury is a story that repeats over and again here.

  • Thanks Gary for great advice and clarification. one rest day every time promise. But good to know I can over lap weeks if I feel ok. Sorted... roll on week 9

  • Sounds like you won't be needing too many extra rest days, either, what with your having stayed so active before this. Yes, roll on Week 9.

  • Welcome. What a great surprise for your daughter - I'd give the world to run with my folks. Happy running - keep posting.

  • Hi there. Welcome to this wonderful community. I am on week four and having read this forum a lot over the last four weeks I would say that everyone agrees that to succeed safely then you need to stick to the plan. The plan is awesome and builds your stamina and fitness safely. Listen to Laura. Have your rest days....very important. I think most people tend to run on Monday, Weds and Fridays so Sat and Sun then become two rest days between each set week. That may explain the two day thing. I would dissuade you from overdoing it or pushing yourself further if it feels easy. just follow the programme and relish your achievements. Well done. How lovely it'll be to run alongside your daughter.

  • thanks Siddorny. this group is so full of support so glad I joined. I will stick to plan and maybe readjust my days to get the weekend off. for now starting week 2 tomorrow and so far looking forward to it. Just hoping we don't get rain!

  • Firstly very well done for getting started - that is the hardest part. It sounds very much like you have got bitten by the bug even earlier than the rest of us - I don't think I was bitted properly until about week 7! :) I would agree with everyone else - take your rest days - if you want to do something rather than nothing, go for a walk or a cycle or even something like pilates which is fantastic for stretching all those muscles that none of us had used before starting running. It is great to see how much you are enjoying the programme already. Keep up the good work.

  • Thanks for you Support ..... enjoyed the challenge from day one.... even get annoyed now when I see rain on my run day. But as of today managed to avoid the rain - just had to deal with slightly we roads. I will try some other exercise on rest days .... loving it.......... :-)

  • You will also get to the really sad stage of saying a wee bit of rain is good!!!

    Keep it up.

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