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if i can run 30 mins in 8 wks time i'll die of JOY!


am going to do W1R3 the day after tomorrow and just cannot imagine getting thru it at all, after my experiences so far! but am determined to. got the bit between my teeth. i love the elation it gives me. i love the slow buzz after the elation. its a drug it really is, lol ! i have no aches or pains so far and though i hate the physical exhaustion and feelings of 'i just cant go on another second' i love the rest. i even have a sports top to wear now too. but... my friends... if i can run for 30 minutes in 8 weeks time (or anything like 8 weeks....anything at all) i will die of JOY ! :-)

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Don't die please.

Just keep on running.

you know what i meant! x just read all your posts, how inspirational are you?!

RennurGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

We all inspire each other, each in a small way, which rolls up into a great big ball of inspiration.

Seems like you are not just hooked , but reeled in and in the keep net.

and what a way to go ! lol


Glad to hear you have no aches or pains again 😁👍

You won't believe it in 8 weeks time when you are reading back through your old posts 😁

I sometimes read back through mine to remind myself what it was like at the begining

what a smashing thought!

i keep thinking about what you just said and it so gives me a big kick!

Instructor57Graduate in reply to dying-to-change

Good to hear ! 😁

I often look back on my early posts

can you look to the end of this thread and help me out please, my friend ? the last post ... i would be very grateful


You bought a sports top that's enough reason.

Repeat after me

" I will complete my C25k journey" 💪

yeah you're right, with the cost of sports stuff... blimey! lol

You can and will do it, just stick to the programme and listen to your body. If you need extra rest days, take them. Hydrate, stretch before and after and basically gear most of your life around running like the rest of us have 😂 it’s an addictive thing, but the first addiction I’ve had that’s been positive. Most of all, enjoy!

yeah listen to my body, listen to my body, listen to my body... i am the type to overdo it cos i am so determined....i will heed your words x

LookslikejamesGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

Me too, but I learned the hard way 😂 I’m very impatient but running has taught me that not everything can be forced, some things take time. Best of luck with it all anyway, I’m sure you’ll do really well

i am not sure, but will give it my best! cos runs 1 and 2 have really pushed me physically...i mean to my max


You will die of Joy (not literally of course)as you will have changed, dying-to-change 😂 stick with it, I’ve got a feeling you’ll go all the way and we’ll all enjoy sharing your journey 👍🏃‍♀️

oh to change...yeah.... what i am dying for !

Keep going, the feeling of not being able to run another step does pass, and the burn passes too, the elation , well it stays! I’ve caught myself running with a big grin on my face speakers playing a tune that just Comes at the perfect time and all is great in the world because your running.

W5 completed tonight. NEVER thought I would have been able to run like that,The remaining four I am looking forward to without any concern.

Enjoy the runs.

'the feeling of not being able to run another step does pass' oh deep deepest joy! x

loving your post... 'The remaining four I am looking forward to without any concern.'....beautiful stuff x

So, there is a story behind my C25K, I gave up smoking two years ago this coming Feb and this can have an effect in the midriff along with the wine and beer. Coupled with being out of breath while having a walk I looked into excercise and which would work for me along with a concious look at me diet too, nothing mad.. just make an effort by myself for myself,

So, December 2019 I download the app, bang some music on my phone dig out my old wrecked Nike trainers and start, jo whiley (love her voice) is my coach.

W1 second run, come home gasping for breath wondering how in this gods world I’ll make 5K nine weeks, Go to climb the stairs to the bathroom for a shower and my thighs give up.. they’re on fire!! I have to stop. Turn and sit down sloooowly.. around ten minutes to make it up the stairs and into the shower. Agongy! So bad I increase my single day of rest and it turns into three,

W1 run 3 (three days late) the legs are slightly less painful but god I know they’re there!

Week three, stitch just as jo said would happen, the lovely voice is no longer.. praise be for music full tilt to push me along through the side pain, breathe... breath... week three is over and stitch is now an ex..

Getting there,

running farther,

enjoying this running malarkey..

Week four, going well, confident, could probably think about calling myself a runner for the first time ever, dark park of street, cyclist coming toward me, step to my right, down..

over on my right foot, have to get up and limp home, Takes me an age, three hours later A &E

Three hours later again X ray, broken metatarsal, 5th, Avulsion fracture.

Six weeks in a big boot and crutches, I am gutted! I go back to the hospital for a final check, “doc, when can I go back running?” Six more weeks earliest he says, but it’s different for every case, might take longer.

I feel empty inside... so much for being a runner.

July... I’ll say it again.. JULY..

Wake up one Saturday morning during lock down, foot feels ok, tenderness is low, sod it I’ll try a run, get up drive to local park, my old pal jo in my ears, skip week one.. I can do it... Within two walk/runs I am back in the car, foot is having none of this! “Back home tubs” it’s yelling at me.

I am thwarted once again, the foot is giving me jip big time, I give up... buy a bike. Less impact, I get the bike buzz, Lycra shorts, helmet, the lot, Loving it, 25 miles, good Pace and good workout, but the running never leaves, Always at the back of my mind... six weeks ago tomorrow I start again, new running shoes, and here we are.. 20minute non stop run on Wednesday, Monday had been two eight minutes and a walk in between, Michael Johnson my new coach, ( sorry jo) Said in Wednesday” your body is now conditioned to run for twenty minutes, you just have to make your mind believe too.” I ran the full 20, great music In my ears that kept me up, and songs that put smiles on my face as I sang along loudly in my head and a my old pal Micheal said in his deep voice “well done, you just ran for twenty minutes” I punched the air

dying-to... you can do this!

Honestly if I can get this far, you can breeze it.

Keep us posted on your progress.


Wonderful wonderful inspiration you are x


Ooh! Love this. Or maybe jump for joy! Can’t resist thinking about your words as a metaphor! Lovely idea that the old non-running part of you will die and the new you is emerging. Just like the dragonfly begins as a bug that can never go back, and eventually goes through a change and emerges with beautiful wings. Happy running! 🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🎉🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️

i love dragonflies x

beautiful post x


You will do it. Just reminder to slow down and show down again, especially as you get to longer run sections. Some people make the mistake of trying to to their pace. Definitely don’t do that 👍🏽

no, its slow japanese for me please!


Prepare yourself - you will do this!!

oh my goodness oh my goodness oh my goodness... keep saying it, it makes me come over all peculiar! haha x

thing is this: if runs 1 and 2 have pushed me to my physical absolute max, how on earth will i be able suddenly to do more next week? it doesn't make sense to me. i hope people see this post as it's at the bottom of another post...

Instructor57Graduate in reply to dying-to-change

Remember, your fitness and stamina are improving all the time if you follow the program

oh i seeeeeee.... thats how we can run longer...i finally see....

Instructor57Graduate in reply to dying-to-change

Yes, and remember, you are not the first to have these doubts , but this is why so many people (including myself) will often tell you to trust the program.

That's not just some throw away comment, you do need that belief 😁

yes quite. that i did run 2 on week 1 tells me something, cos i may have nearly wilted to the ground during and after,BUT, i did it.... 8 minutes in total... i cannot believe it... i cannot believe it!


Because that's what your rest days are for !

When you run you produce micro tears in your muscles, these will repair on your non run day (But keep hydrated)

If you completed a run your will be physically ready for the next one after your rest period .

If you were unable to finish a run then you would of course need to repeat it before attempting the next one

i cannot wait for the weekend to experience a double rest...but i wonder how i will cope without the elation... i hope that time doesn't alter my mindset.... i am sure it won't... i am such a beggar for wanting things and wanting to get 'em...


You will do it. It's mostly mental (although your legs will try to convince you otherwise). I hated W1 with a passion, found the slightly longer runs in W2 more bearable (mainly because there were fewer of them) and, by the end of W3, I kind of dared to start believing. 18 months on and a few HMs later, I'm still here and have just taken delivery of my 5th pair of new running shoes...

Beware the runner madness, it will consume you.

i loved that response. thank you so much. i think the madness took hold after i read this forum before i had my first run. i have gone quite barmy with enthusiasm and wanting it. if it is mostly mental, i can do it, but to me so far it has seemed very physically challenging. yes, even a minutes running. done. me. in. x i have hated the running part. really hated it. but loved the mental bit and the elation. afterwards!

sTrongFuseGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

I was convinced the first podcast had got stuck on an endless repeat. I never realised until that day just how close 8 is to infinity... 🤣

quite. on run 3 in week 1 run 1, i just nearly died. i thought, goodness me, another five of these, i just cant. i now hate sarah millican as i associate her with total burnout exhaustion and have had to change to jo whiley on the app!

sTrongFuseGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

I hear you. Every time I see Sanjeev Kohli on telly I want to give him a slap (albeit in a friendly and thankful kind of way...)

were you really physically exhausted during your initial runs cos i am. really. and i am quite a strong girl i think. if unfit.

sTrongFuseGraduate in reply to dying-to-change

I honestly can't remember, I just remember I ached EVERYWHERE, I sounded like a ruptured bellows and the ships in the Forth could have probably used my face as a positioning beacon. I suspect (in fact I know) I was making the rookie mistake of going too fast, but it quickly teaches you both your limits and your capabilities. They key is to get to the end of the running bits feeling like (if you absolutely had to) you could run a bit further. This gets easier as the programme progresses as you learn the discipline behind it, not just the physical effort.

Running is a skill, and like all new skills, you have to learn how to do it. We learn as much (if not more) from the times we mess it up and have a bad run than we do from our good ones. That's the reason the word "fail" is seriously frowned upon in here. If you've run, you haven't failed no matter how far (or otherwise), you've just learned something new.

great reply thanks ! x

You will do it, you will surprise yourself and you will be overjoyed. Enjoy your journey.

ah such soothing positive vibes are winging my way... thanks for writing that... i needed it today!x


Warning....it's addictive 😂😂 enjoy x

great! a healthy addiction...


You Will, you Will, you will😁😁

Most people have felt the same...the stamina and strength build up each week. Follow all the advice....good to balance your running with the suggested exercise plans, warm ups and cool downs etc.....really does help. You're on your way ... fabulous. Well done 👏👏👏👏🏃‍♀️🙋👍

thank you for those words of encouragement and wisdom x


You are beginning to love the glow you get from even these short runs, so you are well on the way! The physical challenge can be really empowering and it sounds as though you are already recognising that.

We've all been at your stage and had doubts, but the plan is invincible! Keep going, take an extra rest day if you need to now and then. You don't have to batter yourself. Stay strong!

yes, i think i do batter myself. i am too strong, if you like. i think i can be really unkind to myself too cos rather than miss out a target i bet i would push too far and injure myself. so i have to look out for that. cos it's just stoopid. my friend says i am going too all out for this, but i told him, i wouldn't have got thru runs 1 and 2 if i wasn't digging my heels in and 'killing (my)yourself' and i am not injured and am feeling good so... i know he is just worried for me... but i am going to carry on with a PMA and 'knowing' i can do this (which i don't- lol) attitude cos i want to be able to run for 30 minutes. i went for my walk today and decided there are in fact many places i could do the run when i am bold enough to go outside and get off my treadmill. but i need to be able to jog first and right now i am sort of...not able to. well, not very well. its all too much of a strain. i don't mind being seen in my gear or with a sweaty red face or any of that, but i don't want to fall down in public much! but yes, that was a positive today, noticing that it wont be impossible to do it outside... when the time comes, and only then... i do think you have to go your own way. ps. my sports bra arrived today... hilaaaaaaarious. more like a pair of boxing gloves. but will do the job i reckon! x

I don't post on here much now, I just read a lot lol. I was a 58 years old, ex smoker with a lazy sit down job. I hated running and couldn't believe how bloody hard the first week was. Getting home sweating, red faced and out of breath after running for such a short time, but being elated too. How am I going to step up to next weeks run? How will I, me a life long none runner ever run for 30 minutes none stop. Horrifying thoughs of doubt, horrifying thoughts of failure. I like lots of others re ran the odd week, as I wasn't happy with my performance (or rather lack of it lol). The body hurts a little, so the head exaggerates and gives in to it, fight the demons, they do go away.

Remember, the only failed run is the one you don't start.

I think it was after my first ever 20 minute run, I punched the air and did a little jiggle dance in my own Rocky on the steps moment. I started this programme back in July and now I love running. I usually just (just lol, I can say that) do 5k but sometimes 6 or 7 if everything feels good. I also like you, used to hide away from others, even driving the 3/4 mile to my running area. How crazy is it to do that. Final point, if you feel elated now, just think how that will be multiplied every week, right up to your " dying" moment after your 1st 5k or 30 minutes

Great thoughtful post thanks! X

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