I can run for 20 mins!!!!

W5 R3 ... I think I'm on week 5 ... Am I on week 5??? Think I must have run too much my brain has gone fuzzy lol time for more water lol

Well I ran constantly for 20 mins. I am so proud of myself it didn't really start to ache until the last couple of minutes when I was so tired n out of breath I really wanted to stop but I pushed through n realised it was all mental.

From struggling through week 1 n never thinking I could do it I am now running for 20 minutes that's only 10 minutes away from achieving the c25k goal. It feels so close now. Bring on week 6!!!

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  • Woohoo! That's how we roll- good isn't it? :)

  • Well done you - you can do this

  • Yeah!! You must be over the moon. 20 whole minutes all in one go. That's fantastic. Well done ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • Fantastic, I felt great after my 20 min run, so proud of myself!! Onward and upward, the end is in sight!!!

  • Yippee and well done!

  • Whoop whoop well done!!

  • Great work! It really is a milestone! Keep going, it'll be 30 minutes before you know it!

  • Well done a fellow W5r3 runner, I completed my run earlier this evening cant believe 10 mins away from the prize. Roll on Wednesday ๐Ÿ˜Š

  • It's a real eye-opener isn't it! When not long ago we were panicking at the thought of running for one minute... 2 mins... 5 mins.... It's such a confidence boost and shows how good the programme is! Well done!

  • Brilliant. You are on a roll

  • Congratulations! Loving the positive mental attitude - you are crushing it x

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