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CR4...snot shooting and great news.


Out in the mizzle this AM. Wore my new bright yellow running jacket for the warm up as it was A. dark & B. wet and pretty chilly. Running from home as was off to Falmouth later to skipper our survey launch. Soon had to put into practice the snot shooting technique I have read a little about as my nose soon dripping due to the lovely weather. After about 10 mins I was becoming too warm and so tge jacket came off and was tied around my middle.

The run was hard and slow due to several uphill slogs. Looking back at the data I was really pushing, even though speed was slow. When I eventually arrived home I was dripping wet and my running shirt must of weighed at least a kilo, when I took it off. But I felt good and I really felt that I had been building strength and banking it for the future.

The good news? I had a blood test last week and phoned for the results yesterday. I HAVE REVERSED THE PREDIABETESE SITUATION THAT THE DOCTOR TOLD ME I WAS IN 10 WEEKS AGO and am now in the normsl blood sugar range.

Thank you C25K !!! and everyone here that has encouraged me along the way.

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That is amazing, well done!!

Amazing news! Well done Bogshuffler 😝🙌🏼


That is brilliant about your blood sugar! You must be chuffed to bits, what a result. 🎆 🌞


Well done on your pre diabetes reversal. My husband was recently diagnosed with pre diabetes’s, putting it down to too many lock down beers as we never eat processed food or many carbs. Thankfully he has managed it by cutting down on beer and switching to sweeteners in his coffee. He has also ran with me during the programme. It must be amazing to learn you have reversed it 😃👍🏻

That's marvellous news about the blood sugars. Well done.


Amazing, well done!


Wow, thats amazing. Well done.


That's amazing news BS - well done. I've been getting a runny nose when out and about on these chilly mornings - I just take a tissue with me but may be I'm doing it all wrong!!

Yeah I always have a tissue in the side pocket of my fit belt - my nose always runs when i start my warm down walk.


Fantastic news of the pre diabetes reversal, great achievement 👌


Congratulations on the run in the drizzle and reversing the prediabetes. We need more people to know about the health benefits of this plan. I guess all we can do is keep telling people how great we feel and how achievable it is. You are definitely an inspiration.

BogshufflerGraduate in reply to CatsRun

Thanks. I think the excercise is also doing wonders for my rheumatoid arthritis too🙂🥵🏃‍♀️👟

CatsRunGraduate in reply to Bogshuffler

Good for you. Most people with Rheumatoid think they can' do exercise. You really are inspirational!


That is fantastic!! Your hard work is paying off - you should be very proud

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