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Need to share my great news!

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I wanted to share my great news with the community. I have just come out of an appointment with my doctor who has confirmed that I have gone from being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes to being in the pre-diabetic range and if I keep going like this in a few months I will be in the normal range. It is down to measurement of a glucose binding protein in the blood. I have been dieting a bit, cutting out sweet stuff, which has been hard, but mostly it is down to doing C25K and losing over two stone so far. I am now merely overweight instead of obese and have three stone to go until I hit my target. I am trembling with excitement and cant really express how pleased I am.

I wanted to share this because a) I am feeling great and want to shout it as loud as I can but b) so that it could serve as a good example to anyone who, like I was and probably a lot of people on here were, found themselves overweight and was daunted by the challenge of C25K. It has been, and continues to be hard work (week 7 is relentless and I am finding that really tough and am repeating it) but the rewards are immense. This challenge is going to turn my life around and I aim to be running 10K this time next year and will hopefully have hit my target and I know that with hard work and dedication, anyone who is reading this, but feeling worried or scared, can do the same.

Keep up the good work everyone.

Now to go and celebrate with a cuppa - no sugar of course!

24 Replies
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Hooray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hooray and triple Hoooray!

Go you... massive congratulations!!!!!! You have done brilliantly and what an inspiration for everyone...every single of us!!!!

As Edmund Hillary said.." It is not the mountains we conquer..but ourselves.."

Very very well done! :)

Onward and upward :)

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Oh well done, well done, well done! You are brilliant! Look what you did, yes you! And you will continue to be a success.......

Great stuff, your story has made my morning.....🤗

Enjoy that tea!


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Fantastic Webbo !

Really Well done , you have done brilliantly ! Its hard work , but just so worth it ! :-) xxx

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Zev1963Graduate in reply to poppypug

haha Poppypug, there speaks a true follower of the wonderful Laura :)

Well done Webbo, C25K is fantastic, and for many of us becomes a way of life :) an addiction, but a very good one :)

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That's amazing news well done. xx

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That is GREAT news! You must be feeling super pleased. So good that you can really see a massive benefit to doing C25K and changing your diet. Onwards and upwards :D

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Amazing! Standing ovation for you!!!

You deserve it and now you are a great inspiration for all of us! Thank you for that!

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Oooh I think that deserves a dance of joy and a zip a dee doo dah! Congratulations on your brilliant news! Proof positive that healthy eating combined with exercise is what it takes to get fit.

Keep going with the programme. Slow and steady that's us. Slow is good and will get you to the end of the programme in fine style.

Have fun!

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Brought a tear to my eye , in a good way.

Bloody marvellous :)

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Wow, that is wonderful news! Very, very happy for you!!

And thank you for sharing the news. You are absolutely right about the motivation it gives other people.

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WOO HOO! Great news! Gives me hope as I am Type 2 diagnosed. Got seven stone to loose.

Thanks for the inspiration!!

Love and hugs.


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Such good news, and Yup, C25K is life-changing :D ! I've got another 5 stone to shed, (13 lbs off since beginning of Jan)! Can you imagine how much easier running is going to be when we get to goal...xx

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Awww reading through tears at the end..😊 you have done a fantastic thing for yourself pleased for you.

Well done..keep running...onwards and upwards. 😄xxx

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What a brilliant, beautiful post to read!! A huge congratulations to you! 🍾👍😀

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Ooh, another fabulous poster child for the programme and what a lovely early graduation present to yourself.

Does the doctor know the secrets of your success?

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That is fantastic news, well done for your determination and perseverance. Goes to show that a healthy lifestyle is better than a prescription any day

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Fantastic, your hard work is paying off! The benefits are amazing. Well done.

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That is so brilliant - and something you need to keep harping on about to people for years to come. Flippin' well done.

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Oh, this is simply amazing!! Massive congratulations to you, that's a wonderful achievement and such good news for your health. C25k really does change lives, doesn't it?! :) :) :) :)

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Thanks for the nice words guys. Looking forward to graduating soon and taking it up a notch in the coming months. Hopefully coming off the diabetic watch list too!

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Brilliant! Well done and you're nearly to graduating! Wooohooo!

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Well done you. You did this with hard work & determination so you should be singing it from the rooftops!

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What great news - such a wonderful achievement! Keep up the good work :)

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That is fantastic! What an achievement, and an inspiration. Go you!

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