Couch to 5K

Week 2 - Done! :)

Finished the second week today :)

Really pleased and proud of myself, I know it's only early days still, but I feel so energised after each of the runs.

First two runs - great. Kept on shouting out stuff like "yeeha"! (on the treadmill not in the street haha! and had the house to myself)

On today's run (3rd) I felt quite tired, not in body but in my head but still got through it fine.

Only problem I'm finding, which isn't really a problem is how hot I am afterwards, for a couple of hours which is a difficult as I look like a beetroot and when I put makeup on it just wants to drip off!

I really really wish I'd done this years ago, but better late than never. Can't wait for week 3 :)

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Brilliant. So inspirational. Well done.


just finished the same run. im knackered and I gained three pounds for the privelage!


well done on sticking with it. its such a great feeling isnt it!

I use a treadmill at home &get sooooooo hot & find it helps to set up my fan & have that directed on me. makes a difference :) & if you can drink while you run that helps as well. I also have a wet cloth nearby so that I can wipe away the sweat, but this also cools my face down as the cloth is colder than I am.

happy running X


Ooh a fan I didn't think about that good idea thanks!


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