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First run later today!

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Hi everyone, today I begin Couch to 5K. My fitness is low, mental health is a shambles, any advice is very welcome please! Excited for the first day of the rest of my life 🤩.

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Welcome to the forum and well done on your decision.

This guide to the plan is essential reading

and includes advice on minimising impact, stretching after every run, hydration and strengthening exercises, all of which will help.

Enjoy your journey.

Thanks! I will give this a read :)

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Well done for having the courage to start. You will be fine, just listen to the coach, do as they say and go slowly. You are taking the first step to becoming stronger and you’re doing it for yourself. All the best for your first run.

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sally1993 in reply to Mishap

Thank you so much! x

Hi and welcome to the forum. The advice on here is second to none. And it’s so supportive as you’ll find out for yourself. My input is to take a look on U-tube at Hiroaki Tanaka. Slow Jogging. A short video which I found invaluable. I’m currently on week 6 of the plan. Week 1 run 1 seemed to me to be impossible at the time. How could I jog for 60 seconds? Someone’s having a laugh. But look where I am now? You can do it. Come on, have a go.


hahaha I love this - I think someone definitely is having a laugh! Thank you I will check out the video :) Well done you! Keep going very inspirational x

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Enjoy! And goooooo slow. Don’t get into the trap of “its only a minute” think of the longer term of running several 1 minute runs and keep the pace easy.... better to finish and have done it slow than to feel

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sally1993 in reply to BowlingT

Brilliant yes! Thank you I am going to start off as slow as I can today, just gotta build up the routine and habit of getting my hear on and going out x

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Yep, slow jogging was a game changer for me. And I always have my music on nice and loud so I can disappear into my own little world (I run in a park though. If your negotiating roads have it a bit lower so you can listen out for traffic). Good luck, you’ll be great

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sally1993 in reply to Runner_P

Thank you :)

Go for it. I am in Week 9 and would not have believed I could run for 30 mins two months back. Start is steady, does a bit of a jump in the middle from 8 mins running to 20 mins running. Again, didn't believe I could do it but did. You can do it. You will be proud of yourself. Keen to hear how you go x

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sally1993 in reply to Knightlow

Ahh thank you! I'm so excited I can't believe how motivational this page and everyone is! So many success stories x

Also, I have not done any pace checking e.g. with Strava. For me it is about getting out there and doing what Michael Johnson tells me to do and not getting caught up in how long it took per km.

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sally1993 in reply to Knightlow

Yeah I was thinking I might wear my fitbit but I don't wanna get caught up in the numbers. Getting out and getting it done is enough of a win for me atm! x

I started today too!! Feel so much better for getting up and getting out! A beautiful day for a morning run too 😁 xx

yayyyy we can be C25K buddies! How often are you doing the runs? x

Every other day... 🤞🏽 Jo Whiley said to leave a day in between for rest so I’m following her instructions 😂 xx

Yes! I was going to do three per calendar week until I read the guide on here, I plan to do every other day as well :) I have a little dog too but she is only a puppy - I can't wait until she is old enough to take her with me! Were you able to take yours with you? x

Ahhh... So cute! He didn’t come with me today, he’s 8 so he’s quite happy with a leisurely walk in the evenings these days! 😂 xx

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Good luck Sally! I think almost all of us on here started without really believing we could really do it. I didn't expect to get past week 3, if that, but I have just done W6R2. I still can't quite believe it!

Be warned - I found the second run of week 1 the hardest so far. My quads ached horribly afterwards, and I sat with my feet up for the rest of the day. Two days later, and I did it again for the third time much more easily, and actually started to relax a bit. It has kept getting better since then - so don't get put off by the first week!

All the best with it.

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sally1993 in reply to Whydothis

Thank you I have heard a few horror stories about the first week! But at least I'm expecting a struggle and I know to power through - that it's normal.

Well done you! Totally inspiring, thank you :) xx

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Go for it, this will make you feel better and feel stronger. Has worked wonders for me and I only wish I had tried it earlier. Good luck and keep going, it really does work.

Just take your time and keep it slow, really slow as your strength will develop.

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sally1993 in reply to Buster52

Thank you for the advice! Looking forward to feeling better x

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Welcome. You can do this. You’re going to find out how awesome you really are (others around you already know) so enjoy your journey. Run as per the guide linked above and it’ll be an easier journey. Don’t worry about pace or distance... this is all about time. Hope you enjoy the headspace that running gives... from the start of this plan you’re already around a 30 minute workout... take some time to relax and enjoy the you time. Keep crossing the start lines and you will succeed... have a wonderful journey.

I love the way of looking at this - you're right it's already a 30 minute workout! Whether I run, walk or crawl haha. Thank you :)


Good on you for starting this.

The course will teach you how to run, so follow the instructions but don't worry about distance and going fast, slow running is the key. Look up Japanese slow running on YouTube to get an idea.

Make sure you do dynamic stretching before the run to get your muscles warmed up and static stretches for cooling down.

Don't run every day, have a day off in between runs, drink more water than you normally would even on days off.

Also, keep us posted on your progress and enjoy it.

Good luck! 😀

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sally1993 in reply to

Thank you!

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Good luck for today😁i am starting week 5 tonight and after not running for the last 35 years and hating it then. I am astonished at how i can now run for 5 mins and still talk!!!!

Everyone is correct go slow. Japanese style. But my best advise is dont beat yourself up if things dont go as you expect.

We are all different with different issues so we all have different experiences in this and life. That is going to affect this program for you too. BUT IT WORKS 😁😁😁😁

If I can do it I Believe anyone can because I was a lost cause where running was concerned. Now i am enjoying it and the support on this forum.

Give it your best shot. You know you can xxx

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sally1993 in reply to Smile23

Wow thank you :) well done on getting to week 5 that is amazing!

I've watched the japanese running video now and it looks great, I will definitely be doing that as much as possible.

The support is brilliant! I've not even gone for a run yet haha


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