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Anyone Else Tried the C25K App Alongside Nike Run Club?

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We have an office distance challenge for January - it's just a bit of fun to motivate people to get outdoors and move, We have to record our runs for this using the Nike Run Club (NRC) app.

Since I started doing this, the C25K app keeps prematurely ending each run at random points. If I restart it will inevitably stop again shortly afterwards.

On my last 2 runs I haven't started the NRC app, and everything has been fine so it seems likely there's some kind of incompatibility there - at least on my phone.

I have a Samsung Galaxy A32 5G running Android 11.

Anyone else experience this problem and did you mange to resolve it?

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Hi Birdlady,

When I completed Couch my set up was on a Samsung Galaxy with:

C25k app


NRC app

Fitbit non GPS

My only issue was when my screen went off and then trying to get the C25k app back. This usually meant I inadvertently stopped the app or started another run on top of the run I was already doing. However, this was down to my own inability to operate a mobile phone properly 😁

I would have Laura telling me to run - walk - walk- run all at the same time driving me insane 🤣

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Birdlady64Graduate in reply to Runforjoy


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Good afternoon Birdlady64, you are doing very well indeed, I tried to join Nike Run Club, but after about 10 attempts gave up, it kept saying "invalid email address OR invalid password OR you are already a member" so I'll just keep to Mapmyrun which I have been on since I graduated from C25K, it's very good and very rarely gives me any problems whatsoever.

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Birdlady64Graduate in reply to AlMorr

I started out using mapmyrun. It was great and I really liked it.

It was only when I got my Garmin watch I started using that and Strava instead.

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Have as few apps running as possible, and investigate if there are any battery saving options enabled that you can turn off.

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RunforjoyGraduate in reply to nowster

Good point nowster. That reminded me that I did have issues when battery saving options were active 👍

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Birdlady64Graduate in reply to nowster

Yeah - I normally shut down everything apart from the stuff I want active on my run. Its a weird one as it only seems to be a problem when I'm also logging the run in NRC. I'll check the battery saving options though

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The c25k app drove me bonkers. It was always stopping without me realising. NRC on the other hand seems to behave itself (Android phone here).

One option would be to download the c25k podcast episodes and play them as media files while you run. You wouldn't get progress marked off in the app and couldn't use your own music, but shouldn't upset NRC!

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Birdlady64Graduate in reply to Blackberrypie

Yes thanks Blackberrypie I could do that but the music in the podcasts drives me nuts! 😵 I much prefer my own. And whilst Laura is lovely, I like to choose my coach. The app has obviously gone through some updates since I graduated first time round as well, and there are different coaches. I picked Denise Lewis this time, but I do miss Michael Johnson.

Last couple of runs I've created a workout on my watch and used that, but I'm missing the encouragement from Denise

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Just my thoughts:Since you have a Garmin watch, you'll be uploading the runs to Garmin Connect. I suggest ignoring NRC whilst you are running, and then exporting the run from Garmin Connect and importing it to NRC when you get back home. Then your phone can be dedicated to running the C25K app! There will be a post in the NRC community (or Garmin Connect community) that will tell you what to do. & how to export/import.

I did exactly this (OK, with Strava, not NRC) last October in a fundraiser when the organiser set it all up with Strava.

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Birdlady64Graduate in reply to MarkyD

ThanksYes I've done that with Strava too, but I haven't found a way of doing it with NRC.

I know that you can add an activity manually, but I don't believe they count towards any challenges and/or leaderboards

Never mind...

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