Take that W9R3! I only went and did it :o)

Tonight I became a C25K Graduate - damn it feels good to say that.....

I can't quite believe I have done it and was really surprised by how emotional I felt - I think I spent most of my warm down alternating between tears and the stupidest grin!

Mind you, no matter how proud I feel I haven't done this on my own, this online community is amazing and there have been times when I'm not sure I would have carried on without the advice and support you have all given me so a huge THANK YOU to you all.

Right, I'm off to request my lovely green badge, have a soak in lovely hot bubble bath and contemplate which of the 5K+ podcasts I'm going to attempt :o)


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17 Replies

  • Well done mcc65! Congratulations on your graduation and enjoy the moment!!

  • Thank you so much :o)

  • Aren't you brilliant? And I so approve of the bubble bath.

  • Oooh such flattery :o) and the bubble bath was wonderful.

  • Well done, from someone who has completed Wk9, run 1 and 2, but who's legs just refused to do run 3 on Thursday morning. I ended up just walking, and since we were away walking over the last few days I haven't been out for a run since. Here's hoping that in a day or two I will have that happy graduation feeling too!

  • Thanks Maryliz - I was worried about not being able to do R3 as for the last two weeks my 3rd run seems to have been jinxed so I was really wary this afternoon.

    As I found over the last two weeks just keep plugging away at it, even if it takes you a couple of attempts to complete it - ggod luck to you and I can't wait to read that you too have graduated :o)

  • Well done mcc65, thats brilliant! It is an emotional moment as most of us really never thought we could actually run for 30 mins when we started this and to do so is a massive achievement.

    Enjoy the moment and best of luck for your continued journey! Sue

  • Wonderfully done, mcc65!!

    I believe that you deserve that bubble bath and a bit of rest...you will need the energy to shine that new "Graduate" badge when it appears!! Enjoy your new badge and your new accomplishment...YOU ARE A RUNNER!!

    Keep Running!! :-)


  • Well, look at you! A GRADUATE!!!!!! You deserve that shiny badge and I will be looking forward to seeing it!!!!! :-) Your posting reminded me of how emotional I could be/still am on this journey. True about this community, it is so nice to have everyone here to turn to as well. Wishing you continued running success and keep blogging! :-) Gayle

  • Brilliant mccc65! Wear your badge with pride!

  • Congratulations and well done you!!

  • Congratulations, looking forward to seeing another shiny badge appearing :)

  • Thank you so much everybody for your kind words - they are very much appreciated xxx

  • You've given me the inspiration to graduate today too - I've struggled so much over last two weeks with various challenges and have gone back to earlier weeks to get my stamina back up to where it was pre manflu. But in truth I have been putting it off for fear of not making it - but I'm just going to go for it at noon today. I've done 2 already so this third one shouldn't scare me - I'm going to do it.

  • Good luck - can't wait to hear how you get on :o)

  • Congratulations! I'm looking forward to seeing you proudly display that shiny green badge!

  • Thank you, I'm really looking forward to seeing it - I still can't quite believe I really did it :o)

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