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Real barefoot running


Just run with completely naked feet!

I posted last Sunday on how I had just got some vivo barefoot shoes and how they were - i loved wearing them. I thought I had got a rubbed heel from them but no!

When I was running in them without socks for the full effect a bramble had leapt out from the hedge and triffid like wrapped around my ankle - I just ran out of it and ripped my ankle. It then over the next day or two swelled up - got inflamed and its trajectory became really clear - and I saw that the cut on my heel was not rubbed but bramble ripped. So shoes off the hook - i apologised to them.

But it meant I couldn't put shoes on all week - have been wearing clogs but no good for running. Today i was so ****ed off at not being able to run and not wanting to make my foot worse that I thought if i couldn't wear shoes I wouldn't and did the full barefoot whammy.

It was brilliant. No shoes at all. Walked 5 mins, ran for 1K feeling really good - it was amazing how well you could feel your foot working - and how easy to change my gait so it became silent and so much better - much more running on the mid to front of foot - loved it. I ran down a tarmac road - along a farm track using grass in middle as much as possible and looked forward to getting to the soft grassy riverside path. What I had never noticed was that said path has lots of very small very young very lively nettle plants all along it! Soooo I turned round and by now was doing quite a bit of walking between plants. So about 1K walking, 1K running, 1K walk/run and I loved it. It will do it again when i have found a better path - and i am sure it is a great thing to do to really find how your feet work and will help my running even in shoes. And it was just another way of making running interesting.

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Wow bearpadi, that's great! I tried the 'full barefoot' last week too and liked it, but I didn't go a whole kilometre - you have inspired me, and I'll go further next time. I'm in Nike frees at the moment (very low ones from earlier in the year, not like the ones I'm seeing at the moment) and I like them cos they have such a lot of room in the toe and they're so flexible, but not like the vivos, I wish I could try them! I keep trying to work out what might suit me from reviews of minimal/barefoot shoes on youtube, but until I can try some on I am not leaving my amazingly comfortable floppy old nike frees behind. There are no shops near me here in France that have even mildly minimal shoes, they're all huge. Good luck and enjoy the barefoot experience, I'll be joining you virtually for part of my next run.

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I had to get my vivobarefoot on line as no where stocking nearby - bit scary but it worked okay.


I once read about a woman who used something similar to these:

- I can't imagine they'd be comfortable with all those toes but she swore by them. Barefoot sounds very natural and easy, but when you get out into the reality of nettles, brambles, tree roots, slugs, cow pats, broken bottles... think I'll stick to my running shoes outside, anyway!

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I tried them on once at a show about a couple of years ago and didn't like them- i am thinking of trying again - have had good reports from people.


Hmmm, sounds great and I'm quite jealous but I'll never be able to do that, I've got soft bones in my feet and have to wear special insoles. I'll have to stick with barefoot walking. Oh well, I can dream!

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Barefoot waling is good too!


You've inspired me to try barefoot running, now! I too wear vivobarefoot trainers, so much that I wear them to walk to work and some days, all day at work as well! But there are a couple of football pitches nearby that I fancy going barefoot on. Thanks for the run-down....(did you see what I did there ;-)

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Ha ha! like the joke! I am off to find a good place to run barefoot - there are some playing fields I have in mind.

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